Hard Core Paintball League

The Hard Core Paintball League began in 2010 with the 20th anniversary of the first World Cup paintball tournament held at Paintball Sports NY.

Titled the WOODSBALL WORLD CUP, this event sparked interest in a return to true tournament competition in the woods.

A league has now been formed, the HARD CORE PAINTBALL LEAGUE, consisting of three regional championship events, a national championship – the Woodsball World Cup, and supported by local events organized by the teams themselves.

Based on the original NPL concept created by Kevin Donaldson and Steve Davidson, the new national league being formed will feature, among other things:

a nationally trained officiating crew
the ability to change and modify rules to suit local needs and desires
a progressive championship structure in which teams can earn discounts towards events

Check back here often for more information and to sign your team up, get a job as a League Rep, host a local or put together an event.

Please check here for up to the minute information about the new league, its events, rules, regulations and everything else.

Individual events have their own pages with contact and sign-up information; please check those as well.

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