Basic Safety

Paintball is an extremely safe physical activity.  There are very few safety regulations to follow;  if you do follow them, you can’t get seriously injured (and any injuries you may receive from play will be those normally associated with any physical activity – minor bruises, scrapes, strains.)

It doesn’t matter where you are playing, who you are playing with or how you are playing.  The following rules apply to ALL games of paintball:

1. Whenever you are ANYWHERE that a paintball gun can be discharged – WEAR YOUR MASK

2. Before you leave the playing area and whenever you will have your paintball gun in an area where people will not be wearing masksPUT YOUR BARREL BAG ON YOUR GUN

That’s the basics.  Pretty simple.

Of course, as a new player, you’ll run into situations where you aren’t sure what to do, so follow these additional precautions until you learn the ropes:

Unless you are playing, just don’t point your gun at anyone.  Keep the barrel pointed down.

Learn where the safety or on/off switch is on your gun and make sure to keep the gun ‘on safe’ or ‘off’ when you aren’t playing.

Remove the tank, loader and barrel from your gun when you aren’t playing.

DO NOT trust what anyone else says about the state of their gun.  Always assume that a paintball gun is loaded and ready to fire.

Do not make the age old mistake of thinking that when you are eliminated from the game, you are no longer a target. KEEP YOUR MASK ON until you are in the safe area.

When you are on the playing field, no matter what happens, DO NOT TAKE OFF OR LIFT YOUR MASK.  You may get fogging, or paint splatter or mud or something else that prevents you from seeing well out of your mask.  Call a referee or game official over and ask for assistance, but do not remove your mask.

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