Other than mask, gun, tank, loader and (perhaps) pack with pods, the first piece of paintball gear you are going to encounter is the “chrono” – short for chronograph.

A 'Radar' Chronograph (like a radar gun); This is a heavy duty field model.

Chronos are used to determine the muzzle velocity of paintballs fired from a gun.

Based on the science, it was determined a couple of decades ago that a paintball should not be fired at more than 300 feet per second for safety reasons.

Most commercial facilities set their limit lower – usually between 260 and 280 feet per second (indoors and night play is usually set even lower – 220-240 feet per second, due to the increased possibility of close-range shooting).

Field staff will show you how to use a chronograph and how to adjust the velocity setting on your paintball gun (it’s done differently on different models of gun).

It is a good idea to get into the habit of checking your velocity on a regular basis.  First – you want to make sure that both you and your equipment are “safe for play”.  Secondly, velocity affects both range AND accuracy;  shooting too fast is just as inaccurate as shooting too slow, and in paintball, accuracy counts for a heck of a lot of the fun.

Note: 300 FPS (Feet Per Second) is the same as 204.54 MPH (Miles Per Hour).

280 FPS = 190.09 MPH

270 FPS = 184.09 MPH

260 FPS = 177.27 MPH

250 FPS = 170.45 MPH

240 FPS = 163.63 MPH

60 MPH = 88 FPS

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