Play Day Checklist

BEFORE YOU PLAY: A checklist for a day of paintball play.  By going down this list and marking off the boxes associated with a piece of gear or an activity, you’ll be sure to have everything you need for a typical day of play.


[] Directions to the playing site_____________________________________________________


[] Games Played from ______ until _________

[] Contact information for the playing site ______________

[] Transportation to the playing site arranged

[] Transportation from the playing site arranged

[] For Minors – Parental Consent form signed

[] Field Waiver completed

[] Entry fee, paint and air fees in hand

[] Medical issues reviewed and covered; any required medications in hand, proper authorities informed of pre-existing medical conditions


[] Gear Bag                                                                                            [] Mask

[] Marker                                                                                                [] Loader

[] Harness                                                                                              [] Tubes

[] Air Tank                                                                                             [] Tools

[] Replacement & wear parts                                                         [] Paintball

appropriate clothing

[] Pants                                                                                                  [] Jersey

[] Gloves                                                                                               [] Paintball

appropriate footwear

[] Cleaning supplies                                                                         [] Padding

[] Knee pads                                                                                        [] Elbow pads

[] Groin protection/breast protection                                    [] Neck protector

[] Hat or beanie                                                                                 [] Additional/backup

/extra gear

[] Car Keys                                                                                           [] Wallet

[] Cell Phone                                                                                       [] Drink

[] Snack food or a meal

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