The staff at 68Caliber, the sites friends, supporters, advertisers and the paintball community that regularly visits all LOVE to introduce new players to the game.

Your editor has been playing since 1983 and has found that one of his most rewarding experiences is bringing new folks out to play for their first time. A close runner up to that experience is the satisfaction of passing on the tips, tricks and knowledge that have been acquired over nearly three decades of play.

We all know that starting something new can often be confusing and intimidating. That’s why the staff here at 68Caliber have prepared these pages to help.

We’ve gathered together the basic information you’ll need to get started and/or to have a better, more fun-filled paintballing experience.

There are no charges, no hidden marketing ploys, no need to give out your personal information. All we want you to do is check out the resources we’ve provided. We think that if you do, you’ll be wanting to play in no time, and that is all the compensation that we need.

(If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us!)

This section of the site and its associated articles and pages are devoted to those who have never played paintball but are thinking about trying it, as well as to the beginning player who is looking for more information.

You can click on the article titles below, or use the drop-down menu.

As always, the staff at 68Caliber are here to help.  If you have a question, please feel free to ask it in a comment or drop us a line.

Our introductory pages are divided into three sections – General (a quick overview), New Players (for those who have never played before) and Beginners (for those who are just starting out and want more information).

You can click on the titles below, or use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen for navigation.


Ten Things You Should Know About Paintball

New Players:

Your Questions… Answers to the questions ALL new players ask

Basic Safety
…..What Will My First Game Be Like? An intro to your first paintballing experience
….. But How Is The Game Played?
….. How Do I Find A Place To Play?
…..What Is A Paintball?
…..The Chronograph
….. Paintball Guns
…..TheMask coming soon
…..The Loader coming soon
…..Pods and Packs coming soon
Playing Tips (Basics)
…..Signaling an Elimination


…..Paintball Guns
……….Types of Paintball Guns and Their Uses
…..Air Systems
….. Paintballs
…..Play Day Checklist
…..The Care and Feeding of Paintballs How to store, handle and evaluate paintballs
Info more coming soon


My book – A Parent’s Guide to Paintball could just as easily be titled A Basic Introduction to Paintball.

Here is a link to the book’s website where you can read excerpts from each of the chapters.  www.PaintballParentsGuide.com

Within this section of the website, you will also occasionally find other excerpts.

You may also want to pick up a copy of The Complete Guide to Paintball from Hatherleigh Press (to which I contributed multiple chapters).  You can find it at most bookseller sites on the web, including Amazon.

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