The War Hounds would like to thank our sponsors!

Our Home Field, Paintball Sports Inc. in Plattekill, NY, operated by Chris Masi and Jerry Braun, have shown us what feeling at home feels like!  This is the oldest consecutive running field in the world and home to some of the best fields, games and teams in paintball.  It has been an absolute HONOR to shoot for PSI!  We would never call any other field home!  Chris, Jerry and the staff are top notch leaders in the sport, and we have learned so much, and continue to do so from being a PSI sponsored team.  We were brand new when we asked them to sponsor us, and they welcomed us with open arms!  Again…thank you all so much for sponsoring the War Hounds.

Our website is courtesy of Jenny Zukowski of ZUKOdesigns.com and Dream In Plastic.  She is an old and very close friend of ours.  Jenny does some of the most amazing web design work on the internet.  She donated the site to our team in order to help us with our new and unknown team.  If you aren’t on the internet, you don’t exist it seems.  Anyone seeking web design work or any other design work including photography should contact Jenny Z.  Thank you Jenny!

Last but certainly not least…Steve Davidson of 68caliber.com!  Thank you for sponsoring us this vital space on your website!  Thank you for believing in us and helping us grow as a team by utilizing 68caliber’s increasingly growing fan base.  Letting players know about our team, who we are, and how we play paintball is way over our wildest expectations!

We are truly thankful for everything our sponsors have done for us.  For allowing us to grow as a team, grow among some of the finest leaders in the sport and for growing as individuals.  Thank you for the knowledge you have all bestowed upon us and the generosity you have all given us.

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