The War Hounds team was founded over the winter of 2009 into 2010 after a group of friends, Todd Sullivan, Rob Thomas, Jeff Monaghan, who were originally Evil Streak, met up with a fellow, Keith Zuckert who was with another team and decided to unite and form today’s War Hounds.  We formed the team with three simple principles: Fun, Team, Win. Those three words define us!

Fun…is what got us into the sport in the first place! We have fun in a variety of ways with our team, from competing in the sport, building and maintaining our website, hanging out and watching movies, viewing tournaments on TV or in person and building our home practice field. There’s a reason why “fun” is listed first!

Team….the age old term, “there’s no “I” in “team” holds true! We strongly believe that communication is rule #1. Moves on the field are made as a team, not as an individual. We work together to gain a common goal and in the long-game, we win. Each team member has a job, and if each member does their job, the team wins! Sure every great thing started with one person, but it gets finished with a team of people.

Win…of course our end-goal is to win. But without working as a team, having fun, conducting ourselves in a professional manner and being honest….winning is nothing!

We  compete in Woodsball competitions such as Scenario and Big Games and the occasional tournament around the region and further for recreation.  Our team is structured after both Woodsball format and Speedball to uniquely formulate a team that is well-rounded and able to handle most any field condition. We utilize our member’s backgrounds to structure strategies, training exercise’s and hardware knowledge.

The team is based in the Hudson Valley, NY and have members as far south as Rockland County and as far north as Ulster County.  Our Home Field is Paintball Sports Inc., in Plattekill, NY.

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