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Master Blasters Paintball Team Signs With Valken Sports

One of the Oldest Paintball Teams Joins Forces with One of Paintball’s Newest Companies
January 24th, 2013 – Swedesboro, New Jersey
The Master Blaster Paintball Team, one of the sports longest continuously operating competition teams, a team comprised of more World Championship winning players than you can fit in a Winnebago, has signed a sponsorship deal with one of the newest product manufacturers in the business, Valken Sports.
The Master Blasters team offers Valken Sports an unprecedented opportunity to showcase its premium quality products; the ‘Blasters currently field at least one full team for every format and team size found anywhere on the planet, including competition speedball teams for 5 and 7 player formats, competition woods ball and scenario game teams.
The Master Blasters were formed in 1983 at Survival New York, one of the original Survival Game fields and quickly rose to prominence among professional paintball teams during the fifteen-man woods ball era; they would later transition to the ten player format and ultimately to the speedball format, operating under such recognizable names as Ground Zero and New York Extreme.  The Master Blasters are also a founding team of the NPPL; many of its original players are still competing today and have become familiar icons of the game.
Over the past several years the team has expanded both its roster and the formats it competes.  Today hardly a weekend goes by that the ‘Blasters aren’t competing in one format or another somewhere around the USA.
Valken Sports, although a name only a few years old, carries with it its own traditions and history; its owners have been manufacturing quality goods since the mid 80’s.
The Master Blasters are excited to be shooting the best paint in the industry, Redemption Pro, at the NPPL events and Valken Redemption and Graffiti throughout their expanded list of woods ball and scenario events in 2013.
Together, Valken Sports and the Master Blasters intend to make a statement:  When quality players use quality product – watch out!  The Master Blasters are coming!
For more information on how to become a Valken sponsored team, please contact Debbie@valken.com.

Why is BOMBER Paintball THE Paintball Store?

Because you CAN’T say BOMBER in the airport or on the airplane when you’re heading out for that next tournament or scenario event.  And when you shop at Bomber THE Paintball store, you’ll save so much you’ll be traveling a lot more!

So remember.  When you’re recommending a paintball shop that’s got some of the most experienced folks in paintball behind it, make sure the TSA isn’t standing around when you say BOMBER Paintball.  Just say THE Paintball store – everyone will know who you’re talking about.

Bomber Paintball recently opened up at PSI New York, the former home of Action Sports Outfitters, paintball’s first and original chain store (If you don’t know about ASO, you’ve got a bit of history to learn!)

Bomber Paintball shares more than just location with ASO.  But why don’t we let the owners tell you all about it?

Bomber Paintball is  Todd Sullivan, Edd Dykshoorn, Kevin Donaldson and Ken Hefferle

So Why’d You Open the Store?

We aim to bring customer service back to it’s peak.  As more consumers get involved with the sport, more questions need to be answered by experienced people from the sport with decades of experience.  We aim to put products in the hands of players based around the player’s individual needs, not just what is hot at the moment or gives the highest profit margins.

We have a proshop at PSI in Plattekill, NY that is open on the weekends, with plans to have a store in the near future that can provide 7-day service to our customers for all of their needs.  We are also located on the internet, www.bomberpaintball.com for 24/7 sales.

We carry the best brands in the sport…’nuff said!  A huge variety of products ranging from the best markers in the industry to the little clips needed to repair a mask or even almost impossible to find parts that are no longer made.  With our background, you never know what we may be able to get our hands on.  We are always adding new products to the website.  If you don’t see it on our website, just give us a call, email, IM or smoke signal and we’ll answer all your questions immediately!

We also have outstanding teching with the ability to fix almost anything that shoots a paintball.  Our certified techs take the time needed to correctly repair any problem without a runaround of just swapping parts until hopefully finding a solution.  We do teching services at our proshop and on the road at various events around the country.

Our experience goes back to the roots of the sport!  All of the owners of Bomber Paintball play for the infamous Master Blasters.  Two of us  (Kevin and Ken) are original Blasters.  Bomber Paintball collectively brings together almost a century of paintball experience in top-level woodsball tournaments, to scenarios to World Cup victories.  We have deep ties with a vast range of those in the industry so our customers can have faith in us getting them the best products, for the best pricing, with the best shipping and as always, the BEST customer service!

Just remember kids:  It is a FAR, FAR  Better Thing To Do, to go to Bomber Paintball, than it is to get bombed!


Zodiac Offering 1 of a Kind Marker to Benefit West Point

At the upcoming 25th anniversary West Point Classic game, the folks at Zodiac Paintball (members of the Master Blasters Team who have a long and venerable history of supporting this game and the West Point paintball program) are offering a raffle, proceeds of which will go to benefit the West Point club.

The raffle winner will indeed receive something unique a one-of-a-kind, break-the-mold, never-to-be-seen-again digital cammo version of their famous Zodiac marker, complete with commemorative logos for the West Point Mil-Sim team and the Combat Classic Event.

Want a chance to win?  You’ll have to attend the West Point Combat Classic!

Zodiac Passing Field Tests With Flying Colors

The new Zodiac paintball gun, newly adopted by the Master Blasters paintball team are now undergoing their second weekend of field testing – being shot under game conditions by some of the top players in the world.

Formal testing reports can be boiled down to:


“Shooting Great is an UNDERSTATEMENT!”

“Been shooting frozen ropes all day!”

“shot paint that was in my car trunk for three weeks – not one break!”

More formally, the official testing notes (the ones that can actually be read) seem to say things like:


“Shooting Great is an UNDERSTATEMENT!”

“Been shooting frozen ropes all day!”

“shot paint that was in my car trunk for three weeks – not one break!”

Zodiacs are not in general distribution yet, but you might want to think about saving those dollars for when it is, this is one hot gun!

Master Blasters Begin Recruiting for 2012 Season

The Master Blasters Paintball Team is seeking players from the N.Y.metro area to play on their New NPPL/PSP and current Woodsball teams for 2012 season

The Master Blasters would like to field teams in all divisions…

Any players interested may contact us through our Facebook page.. Master Blasters Paintball Team..

Once in a lifetime opportunity folks! How often do you get a chance to join a team that can claim multiple national titles?  Ummm – like never.

Cousins Paintball Chameleon Event Photo Set

The guys from Cousins have posted an excellent photo set of this past weekend’s Chameleon tournament, held at Cousins’s Manchester, NJ facility.

In case you haven’t been reading lately – The Master Blasters took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  (If I’d been able to make it, they’d have taken 1st, 1st, 1st and 1st, lol.)

Check out the pics here

Photo courtesy Cousins Paintball

What Happens When Old School Meets New School?

Old School WINS.

At least that’s the conclusion one must come to following this weekend’s Chameleon Tournament at the Cousins Manchester field in New Jersey (managed by the inestimable Fred Dorski.  Hi Fred!).

The Master Blasters joined a field of 8 teams with the crew you can see in this picture:

Master Blasters Squads - photo courtesy Danny Wiesel

Please take careful note of the gray and/or missing hair, seamed faces and, ummm, ‘executive spread’ amongs a goodly portion of that motley crew.

True, there are some young snots sprinkled throughout this gathering – young snots who are nevertheless intelligent enough and humble enough to realize that they still have a thing or two to learn about paintball in the woods.

That they received some excellent instruction at the hands of the near-sexagenerians was amply proved by the fact that none of them had to suffer the fate of the other teams in attendance:  they WON.

Out of a field of 8, the Master Blasters squads finished first, second and third.

Who finished where?  Hardly matters when your team, young and old alike, walks home with all of the marbles.

Any other young snots out there think they got what it takes?  You may very well get a chance to prove it sometime this year as the Master Blasters are on the move.

Want to hedge your bets and stand a good chance of a podium finish?  Ask the team for a guest spot.  They’re always more than happy to pass on that winning attitude.  But don’t get any smart ideas about picking their brains.  These guys are old dogs and they never give away all of their tricks!

(Oh, and they shop at the 68CaliberSpecial store.  Told ya they were smart.)

Paintball’s Challenge Match of the Century in the Offing

Paintball’s challenge match of the century has just been declared over on PBNation!

The Master Blasters have challenged Blues Crew to a 50 on 50, no holds barred, best of five match for the coveted title of


(Catch up with the story on PBNation here)

Preliminary reports are that Mike ‘Blue’ Hanse, titular head of the eponymous team has picked up the glove – but we’re still awaiting confirmation.

Seconds are reportedly already discussing the rules of engagement, location and time of the event.

We have learned one thing for sure: dueling pistols at fifty paces will not be involved!

68 Caliber has so far been unable to reach Vince McMahon 68Caliber for comment on a rumored broadcast deal.