If you’ve played paintball in the Northeast, namely MA, NH, VT or NY you may know Jack, otherwise known as Splattttttt (yes… seven t’s)

Jack can certainly use our help right now. He was diagnosed last month with throat cancer and has had to undergo super-mega-awful surgery. Surgery that would cause most mortal men to throw in the towel.

Not Jack. He’s fucking smiling! He may not be able to speak but he still says “Fuck You, I’ve got this!” and he’s smiling!

So, if you can throw some money towards the gofundme campaign that would be great. Those bastards do take a cut of what you send them, but we get it, they host your campaign and hold your money and probably send a knee breaker if someone renigs on their promise (Ok, they probably don’t do any of that violent shit), but that is one option.

Oooooor, there is a raffle being run out of MCB with a TON of prizes, and ALL of the money will go to Jack and his family to pay for medical bills. All of it. If you aren’t local to the game where the drawing is taking place you can still buy tickets (or donate if you don’t want our paintball related prizes) and afterwards, if you win, you pay shipping to get your prize! So you pay twice! But the money doesn’t come out of the fund for Jack…. because you are AWESOME!

So take a look at the different ways to raise money for Jack. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

The Management.

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