This news is late getting to me because I’m in the Pacific scouring an old army base for o-rings. Of course with the news I’m about to share I also received news that the gun that uses the o-ring I was looking for isn’t used by anyone anymore.

So be it.

It has come to my attention that the original owner of 68caliber recently posted an old article that he originally posted on the old

Well, I’d like to inform all of you that he doesn’t own anymore nor does he have any affiliation with the site, nor do we share his views or advocate any mistakes he made while running the site previously. To put it bluntly, goodbye and good riddance.

While I can appreciate that he felt the need to share that article, although I’m not sure why as it’s not exactly relevant and was fairly old and made him look like he didn’t know what he was doing, I think it would have been appropriate for him to add a disclaimer. For example “While I stirred up a pot of legal hornets years back by writing this and posting it on my old site which I know longer own….”

But he didn’t. I talked with my lawyer about it and the bill he gave me just for bringing this up to him (I shouldn’t have called collect from the Pacific) is going to set back paying our writers for some time. So to be a good sport, I won’t be pursuing a legal avenue.

That’s all for now on that on that subject.

In other news, look for some exciting stuff this weekend. So long as I can sneak on to a cargo plane and get off this rock I plan to meet with some folks much later this weekend about a mutually beneficial proposal.

Stay tuned.

Have fun and play safe.


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