This afternoon has signed a major deal and has spun off it’s promotional division in order to form a new joint venture called Pump Classic Bonanza. This new group offers the opportunity to work with local fields to promote pump play and further spread good will and sportsmanship in the sport of paintball. President Richard Smith said “I’m exited for this opportunity to get our staff out from behind their keyboards and actually play! It’s amazing how much dust has collected on our equipment while trying to run this website”

Pump Classic Bonanza will immediately begin looking for fields to partner with in the NY and New England area to host pump based scenario games. Smith says “We will do our best to make these games challenging and fun and bring back the spirit of the early 90’s 10 man woodsball tournaments on today’s fields”

Continue to follow for more information on the 2019 season events.

Photo Credit: Action Pursuit Games June, 1990

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