I’m proud to say that even though I wasn’t able to meet face to face with these wonderful folks, I was able to get a dialog going to the point that I have two big announcements.

Today we concluded our search for our first team to receive a sponsorship from 68caliber and Pump Classic Bonanza.¬† What’s funny is we began a search recently without realizing that the right choice was already participating here at 68caliber by writing reviews and sharing videos.

I would like to announce that 68caliber and Pump Classic Bonanza will be sponsoring the Rubber Duckies Paintball Team for the 2019 season. The “Duckies”, which are based out of the Capital District of NY has been together for over ten years. Several of the original members are still active players on the team. While one would think that a group of players with a small rubber duck on their masks doesn’t take things seriously, these players are extremely skilled players and believe in honor and sportsmanship above all. That and they are predominantly pump players.

The team is so popular among the East Coast pump scene that their membership extends from the Southwestern US, to Canada, Great Britain and Europe. This popularity and pump play will make them excellent representatives for our brand and for Pump Classic Bonanza specifically.

Which leads to our second major announcement.

Today Pump Classic Bonanza found a home for the 2019 season. Albany Paintball Experience (also known as APE), located in Nassau, NY, was very receptive when I approached them about hosting pump format games. From discussions with players, APE is an excellent field for pump play, not only because of the wooded fields, but because the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and really believes in their name. Providing players with the “Paintball Experience” is important to them and they want players to have a fun and safe time while at the field. This is something we at 68caliber believe is the most important thing to help grow our sport.

APE is led by experienced staff that have been playing recreational and professional paintball for many years. APE’s Reffing staff is fully trained and is friendly and extremely fair. Add in all these these facts, along with a facility that is constantly growing in order to cater to players, and we believe APE is the perfect field for us to hold the inaugural season of Pump Classic Bonanza.

We still need to have more conversations to finalize the schedule for next year, but we hope to have at least three games at the field for the 2019, possibly even starting as soon as March.

Remember, these will be Pump games. One might call them modified stock class format. Either way, currently we are hoping to limit players to the following equipment:

  1. Stock Class. Straight out of the box; Nelspot, PGP or Splatmaster or even CCI Phantoms (or similar) with bucket changers and horizontal feeds.
  2. Modified Stock Class. Pumps with stick feeds, no they don’t need to be turned horizontal. The pumps can be powered by 12 grams in your choice of changer (bucket, dropout, lever, etc)
  3. Limited Pump. Again, any pump with a stick feed but it can be powered by HPA. The limit is the stick feed. OR a pump with a gravity hopper that is power by a 12 gram changer. In this case the limit is your 12 gram.

Our hope with this expanded equipment format is to attract additional players to games, while still promoting a fun and challenging atmosphere.

In addition to a change in equipment format, the games will be based around a scenario rather than 20 to 30 minute single elimination flag pull games. We have already talked with¬† players over the past several years while this concept was in it’s infancy and we believe this will meet their desires.

Again, we are hoping to promote pump play in a fun and challenging manner while drawing more people to play by relaxing equipment and format limits.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at APE… excuse me, Albany Paintball Experience, next season.

Also, you can now follow us on Instagram and Facebook. There isn’t much there now, but we will get on it. And now that we have a team, we will crack the whip and get them to share their experiences on these platforms too.




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