Hacker steals 45 million accounts from hundreds of car, tech, sports forums


A hacker has stolen tens of millions of accounts from over a thousand popular forums, which host popular car, tech, and sports communities.

Article detailing the hack can be read here.

In a sample given to ZDNet, the database shows email addresses, passwords that were hashed and salted passwords with MD5 (an algorithm that nowadays is easy to crack), as well as a user’s IP address (which in some cases can determine location), and the site that the record was taken from.

As of Tuesday, the company has not made any public statement in relation to the hack.

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tugboater · June 22, 2016 at 8:48 am

They still haven’t really let any of the users know. They have a thread stashed away in the bug reports forum rather than the news. Any other thread gets locked/deleted or moved.

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