There are hundreds of paintball fields across the US and around the world.  Finding a paintball field in your geographic area isn’t all that hard – just type “paintball field (your state)” into Google.

The real trick isn’t finding a field – it’s finding a GOOD field.

Good does not necessarily translate into the cheapest.  Good means: getting a meaningful introduction to the safety regulations, proper game supervision by officials, having educational resources provided to you (learning how to play), good customer service and an experience that doesn’t overwhelm you your first time out.

There’s no harm in visiting a field.  If you don’t play, there’s no charge.  Talk to the staff, meet the manager or owner, watch how they run the show.  Then make a decision about whether you want to spend money there or not.

There are several good internet resources for finding fields as well.  Both PBReview and PBNation have lists organized geographically.  Do remember however that the reviews and commentary you’ll read are from players who may have an agenda other than finding a good field for new players.

One sure way to have a better than average experience when playing for the first time is to go with someone who already plays.

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