Finding The First Field

Beginning in late 2008, staff members of 68Caliber began a search for the physical location of the first paintball game ever played.  The historical record identified the town of Henniker, NH as the general location, but no one knew exactly which piece of woods that first game was played on.

In June of 2010, just shy of the game’s 29th anniversary, it was announced that the location of the first game had been found.  (You can read a series of articles about the search here.)

Plans were begun immediately to seek permission to erect an Historic Place Roadside Marker at or near that location.

The process for erecting a marker requires verification of the claims, submission of the wording on the marker, the raising of funds to pay for the marker and the signing of a petition by a minimum of 20 state residents requesting it.

Copies of the petition, information regarding making donations, the proposed wording for the sign and additional information – including a Thank You page listing the petition signers and contributors can be found on this and associated pages.  (Roll your mouse over the menu item ‘Historic Marker’ to see a drop-down menu of associated pages.)

If you have questions and/or suggestions that are not covered by this information, please feel free to contact the staff at 68Caliber.


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