Submitting Patches

Getting your own personal patch exhibit here on 68Caliber is pretty simple – just send in your pics!

(It would be nice if you gave us advance warning with an email.)

Doing it right is pretty simple too. Here’s my suggestions:

1. take images of ALL of your patches – even the ones that are just like ones already in the registry. When the master display goes up, it’s kind of cool to see that folks have some of the same patches – and shows everyone else how popular or widespread certain patches were.

2. try taking the images with the patch on a neutral background. (I used a sheet of printer paper). This lets me cut out the background much more easily in preparing the images for display.

3. if you have a preferred background color, send me the HTML color code and I’ll do my best to honor the request

4. write up a short bio of your paintball history

5. include a picture of yourself for the bio/introduction to your exhibit

6. the final display size of the image (when looked at individually) is 600 pixels by X pixels (width is 600). I’ve found that taking one or two patch pics at a time provides decent resolution for display (as long as the patches fill the camera frame and aren’t a mile away when you snap it); set your cameras for “medium” resolution.

That’s it!

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