Patches have a long and distinguished history with paintball.  As evidenced by the extremely rare NSG 1983 patch image provided by Jim Lively (shown below), patches have been around virtually from the beginning of the game. Over the years, patches have fallen out of favor.  But there are still those of us who love them and are planning on fostering a come-back. Below you will find images and a little history from several personal collections of paintball patches.  Those who’ve donated are listed.  You can add your own patch collection to the mix by getting in touch with us here at 68Caliber. This is an active project and the contents are being updated regularly. Contributions in the main gallery were made by the following individuals: Jim Lively Steve Davidson Charles Eric Holland Kevin Donaldson Joshua Silverman William Garrison Dan Colby Greg Muller Chris Mader Charles Holton Forest Hatcher Each of them has a personal exhibit, where you can view their individual collections. Clicking on a patch will take you to a larger image inside a viewer (you can then scroll through the larger images), and includes additional information about each patch. To return to this page again, simply click anywhere within a patch image. Please note: some images may not be safe for work. [nggallery id=1]

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