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Steve Davidson, editor of 68Caliber, has been writing professionally for nearly forty years. For a quarter century, he has been writing for paintball.

His first feature article (the first one he ever wrote) was a cover article for a 1986 issue of APG magazine. Steve quickly became a fixture of nearly every print publication serving the industry – APG, PaintCheck, Paintball, Paintball Sports International, Paintball Games International, Paint, Paintball 2Xtremes, Paintball Consumer Reports (PCRI), Paintball News and Paintball Retailer.

Steve has written regular monthly columns spanning several years, promotional copy (ads), event coverage, well-received product reviews, editorials, guest editorials, tips and tricks, How-Tos and product guides.

From the pages of the magazines and newspapers, Steve graduated to books, writing the first ever devoted to tournament play – MAXING: A Guide to Winning Tournament Play (and only the third book ever written for paintball at the time). He was brought in to help with the writing of Hatherleigh Press’ THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PAINTBALL (now in its fourth edition) and has recently authored A PARENT’S GUIDE TO PAINTBALL (which is being distributed to the Boy Scouts of America by Empire Paintball).

But, as they say, that’s not all! Steve has researched and written white papers for various industry concerns (state of the industry, the gun market, competitive forces facing the industry), written advertising copy for Maxim and Playboy magazines (Holiday Gift Guides) as well as paintball publications (both print and web), written the original rule books for the NPPL and numerous other leagues, thousands (literally) of articles covering subjects as diverse as humor (How Not to Ask for Sponsorship – Paintball News) through serious editorial commentary (9/11 Commemoration), interviews with notable personalities (William Shatner), product surveys (Paintball Retailer and PaintCheck magazine) (and, incidentally, was the only non-staff writer to contribute to PCRI magazine – Head to Head column – and- the only writer to have a feature appear in three separate publications simultaneously – the WPF Team Rankings). But wait, there’s still more!

Steve has also gained proficiency in writing provisional patent application, patent applications and trademark applications over the course of ten years serving as the Intellectual Property manager for Pro-Team Products – applications which have resulted in the granting of nearly a dozen patents and numerous trademarks.

In an earlier life while working at AT&T, Steve penned video scripts (for corporate training videos) and wrote bid proposals for Bell Labs (fiber optic cable splicing), as well as business plans (including financials) for numerous concerns.

And finally, in a much earlier, non-paintball phase of his life, Steve worked professionally preparing resumes for highly-placed executives. Not to mention the fiction he is currently writing (some of which has actually been published!).

You will not find a better combination of writing skills and paintball experience anywhere else on planet Earth.

No job too big or too small, as they say. (They’re saying a lot, aren’t they?) Every job is a custom job and when the calendar fills up, no more jobs will be accepted until a future slot opens up.

Need a patent application written? A resume? How about some ad copy for that new product?

Confidentiality guaranteed, non-disclosures and other happy legal stuff gladly accepted.

If you have a need, get in touch. Rates are reasonable and the work is professional.

Email me with your questions or proposals HERE

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