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You can subscribe to the general RSS feed (which includes all content from the site as it is updated), or you can choose to subscribe to individual feeds based on news categories.

“Upper level” feeds contain all of the articles from the sub-categories listed below them.  For example, you could subscribe to the feed for “NEWS”, which will deliver all of the articles from the ‘Crime’, ‘On the Web’, ‘Outside Paintball’ and ‘Site Updates’ sub-categories, or, you could subscribe to only the ‘Crime’ subcategory.

ALL You get everything from 68Caliber!

NEWS Just the paintball news, with all articles from the categories below –
Crime News concerning paintball idiots
On the Web News about websites and web offers
Outside Paintball Paintball in the mainstream, mainstream in paintball
Site Updates Changes at 68Caliber and related sites

FEATURED Only 68Caliber’s featured stories

BUSINESS All the business news from the categories below –
Products New product introductions, upgrades and more
Deals Business contracts, distribution, marketing, hiring and firing
Law Legal matters relating to paintball, patents and trademarks
Training Paintball business outside of paintball, MIL/LE

SPORTS All of the sports news from the categories below –
Events When and where – tournaments, scenarios, big games and more
Teams Sponsorships, players, standings and appearances
Leagues Tournament leagues, scenario leagues
Classic Play Pump, stock and old school

ENTERTAINMENT Fun stuff from the categories below –
Articles Could be anything:  contributions from our writers
Reviews Product, movie, television, book & more reviews
Contests Win something from 68Caliber
Video Video clips – could be just about anything in video

EDITORIAL Commentary and opinion from the categories below –
Commentary Our thoughts on matters affecting paintball
Opinion Your thoughts on matters affecting paintball
Resources Help finding out more about all aspects of paintball

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