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Our newsletter has been created with you in mind! Paintball is a fast-moving, ever-evolving industry and believe me, we know how tough it is to keep up with everything that’s going on. 68Caliber’s weekly newsletter is designed to solve that problem.

Once every week (on Thursday nite – just in time for your breakfast read!), you’ll receive an email that represents the cutting-edge of internet & RSS technologies, that will help you catch up right before the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

Each newsletter issue contains summaries of EVERY ARTICLE published on 68Caliber during the previous week. If that sounds like too much – it is, but we’ve solved that problem too!

All of the news is conveniently categorized and identified with an easy-to-read title that will let you zone right in on the news that you are interested in, while skipping the rest. Want just the business news? Check out section 4.0 – Business News. All you want is the sports? Scan on down to section 5.0 – Sports. Could care less about that stuff but what to hear what we think about the week just past? Read section 1.0 – Steve’s Notes.

And that’s not all. In each section you get a headline and a summary. Scan the headlines and only read the summaries that interest you. Want more? Click on the ‘more’ link and you’ll get the whole story!

Fast, easy, simple and informative. Paintball news & information the way you want it!