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Looks like the former owner and emptier of paintballer’s pockets is throwing in the towel.  Finally admitting that he can not ship out product owed, either because he refuses to ship or has some odd thought that he can get rich quick again and will still be loved by his adoring fans.  Whatever the fantasy he thought he would have, reality was an evil mistress.


The shipped out half part he mentioned is unsubstantiated.  No one can currently back up that claim.

We here at feel truly sorry for those that got caught up in this scam… Pyramid scheme…  Ponzi scheme…  Outright poor business practices…  Whatever you want to call it.  While I do believe they should have seen it coming, I can not fault the young and naive for falling prey to someone that would have done just about anything to empty your pockets.


As you leave, there will be an indelible door print on your ass.  Not because it’s just swinging shut, but because the paintballers are slamming it closed on this chapter and happy to leave it that way.