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Greg Hasting’s Tournament Paintball 2 (GHTP2) is the latest installment of a video game saga.

Greg – who’s been on the scene since the late 80s (and who shows no signs of slowing down) revolutionized pack technology with his Redz Comfort Gear and then went on to revolutionize the way the entire world looks at paintball.

After a long struggle, Greg managed to get the first incarnation of a major video game release out onto the market: Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball did something that I have to admit I never thought would work successfully – it brought a simulation of a simulation to the little screen and turned hundreds of thousands (if not millions) onto the sport of paintball.

Several years ago I actually sat down and played the first gen version of the game and, despite some limitations (it is MUCH easier to wipe a hit in real life and get away with it than it is to screw around with the ‘hit meter’ in the game, lol) I discovered a video game that managed to transmit and deliver many of the same emotions and intensity that “real” paintball did. Like many, I found myself ducking, rolling my head and smack-talking the digitized players on screen.

I’m still far better in real life than I am with a game controller, but – and I never thought I’d say this – playing Greg’s video games are more than an acceptable substitute to playing for real (this from a guy who doesn’t believe that there is ANY acceptable substitute for paintball); rainy days, non-practice days and now – the ability to practice your tournament play in virtual reality. (This latter aspect – which I’ve only had described to me by Greg – is a potentially fantastic boon to cash-strapped teams everywhere. Video games CAN train you for muscle memory – teaching your body moves on a subconscious level. You could get in hours of training with your teammates, and you don’t even have to be in the same room!)

And, as I get older and slower, I find the opportunity to “play” while sitting in a comfy chair to be getting more and more appealing.

Greg has been through some up and downs (not the least of which is a successful fight against Activision over the use of his OWN NAME!), but like good ballers everywhere, Greg simply put his head down and continued to plow forward, usually with a big unmentionable-eating grin on his face.

You can pre-order the game right now (just click on any of the ads on the site or go HERE.

In the meantime (while you’re anxiously waiting for your copy of the game to arrive), check out some of these pics and images of the goodness that is GREG HASTINGS TOURNAMENT PAINTBALL 2!

Read an extended bio of Greg on the site

Here’s another pic of Greg – just so you’ll know him when you see him at the field:

Here’s some of the goodies you can download from the site:

Here’s a composite illustrating the changing look of Greg’s franchise over the years, from GHTP to GHTP-MAX’D to GHTP2:

Here are some screenshots of some of the awesome (real life) fields featured in the game: (EMR, SC Village, Boston Paintball and an unidentified location.)

And finally, some videos – the intro trailer and some game play captures (of earlier versions of the game):

Greg demoing the game himself –

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