How Others See Paintball

The Game in Movies and on TV

Movies and television show episodes featuring paintball (or at least including it a little bit).

Almost from the beginning of the game, paintball has often been depicted (poorly) in movies and on televsion.  As long ago as 1985, the movie Gotcha! featured paintball.

Whether you think good or ill of its various depictions, one thing is for sure:  once you’re on TV, you’ve become a cultural touchstone.

Below are some thumbnails of screen captures from various movies, documentaries and television shows. (We’ve not listed the ‘made for paintball’ programs since that would be too obvious).  Following the list (and there are 76 shows reported by the Internet Movie Database as having paintball content) you’ll find a whole gallery of screen captures.

Let’s hear what you think.  If you know of a show not on the list, send it in and, by all means, if you’ve got some screen captures of your own, we’d love to host them!

The Simpsons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Guest Star 2005.  Bart Simpson is naturally – AWESOME – at paintball.  There’s even a bunkering scene where Bart shouts “Die!” over and over.
Spaced: Battles 1999
The New Addams Family: Morticia and the Ladies League 1998.  The kids are shooting TS1 Selects, a fairly unusual choice.
Six Feet Under: Tears, Bones and Desire 2001. Characters from the show attend “Gay Paintball Day” as an alternative to Gay Disney Day…
Knocked Up 2007. This is one of those ‘mentions’. This is about the only scene – the main character declining an offer to play.
Man of the Year 2006. Robin Williams plays a comedian who gets elected President. The Secret Service is not thrilled with his paintball outing.
The Living Daylights 1987 James Bond DOESN’T get splattered during an 007 training exercise
Big Fan 2009
10 Things I Hate About You 1999
The Last Detective: Two Paths of Glory 2003
Malcolm in the Middle: Hal’s Friend 2000
My Name Is Earl: Boogeyman 2005
Primeval: 2.3 2007
King of the Hill: The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg 1997
Kenny vs Spenny: First Guy to Get a Stain Loses 2002
Greg the Bunny: Jewel Heist 2002
Byker Grove 1989
Saved By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas 1994
Alice, I Think: Paintball 2006
Sons of Butcher: Birthing the Messiah 2005
Phenomenon: 1.3 2007
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: 1.92 2009
Great American Road Trip: California or Bust 2009
Meet the Hasselhoffs: 1.4 2009
Super Dave’s Spike Tacular: Paint Ball Battle of the Decade 2009
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: 1.180 2009
Pure Pwnage: Jobs

Screen Captures

from Knocked Up.

from Spaced. A player gets hosed. (Never, ever, ever go inside a hooch)

from Spaced. The entrance to the field. (Compare to the field entrance from the Simpsons episode)

from Spaced. A paintball 'Rambo'

from Spaced A full on charge

From Spaced. Two-fisted play. (Dude, paint breaks on hard stuff....)

From 6 Feet Under. Note the WGP jersey

From 6 Feet Under. Rare to see someone loading on TV

From 6 Feet Under. JT & WGP. Bet the old Brass Eagle supported this show.

From 6 Feet Under. Newbies.

From 6 Feet Under. Experienced players always have unusual haircuts

From 6 Feet Under. The agony of defeat - but no thrown gun

From 6 Feet Under. A Revvie on a Cocker

From The Simpsons. Entrance to the field at a Bible camp

From The Simpsons. Ned looks pretty aggressive with that gun.

From The Simpsons. Mexican standoff

From The Simpsons. Marge gets bonus-balled

From The Simpsons. Close-up of Homer's gun. Kinda Tippmann-ish

From The Simpsons. Homer does a drive-by

From The Simpsons. Bart snap shoots from behind the Adam and Eve bunker

From The Simpsons. That kid looks like he's holding an A5

From The Simpsons. Bart is pretty eager to play

From The Simpsons. Bart bunkering

From Man of the Year. Note - no hopper

From Man of the Year. Robin Williams' got some moves

From Man of the Year. Still no hopper

From The New Addams Family. Wednesday and Puglsy shoot their TS1s as Gomez looks on

Probably one of the best scenes ever shot with paintball - escaping the paint grenade blast

Dual GOLD Spyder pistols

Is that a Tippmann X7 under all that paint?

Yeah, we always play in suits....

Chevy Chase plays paintball! (He recently talked about this episode at the San Diego Comic Con)

Talk about standoffs. (Hey, what are women doing in the men's room?)

Notice that EVERYTHING is covered with splats

The Chess Club's idea of proper paintball attire

He could almost be from 'back in the day'

Ummm - you're not playing in that outfit, are you?

I just love paintball arials

This is how they portrayed a 'victim' of the paintball wars

Note the entrance sign: "paintballs" not "paintball". Yes, they throw paint-filled water balloons at each other.

Get a gun!

Listen to me: GET. A. GUN!

Can anyone identify this gun - the 'Paint Pro 99m'?

Well, we did use cammo face paint back in the day, but this isn't what we had in mind

No, unfortunately the victim is not Woody Harrelson. The blue paint is for the NY Giants - yeah!

Looks like an A5. But this is 1987, so it must be a prop MP5 masquerading as a paintball gun copy of an MP5

Maybe if you look real close you can see what kind of gun that guy is holding

Ahhh, the stereotypical 'talk' before the 'shoot'

That's an awful big, smokey splat. Are they using that new 'chalk fill' paint?

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