William Garrison

William Garrison is a police officer and long-time scenario gamer from the southeast. He provides an interesting perspective on the game from the law enforcement side, as well as a passionate and interesting take on the game, its players and its equipment. Bill plays for the Birds of Prey team, based out of Boss Paintball in North Carolina.  Among his other accomplishments are –

2004 2 man stock class Champions, The Road Warriors, Line of Fire Paintball
2005 Champions, Mandalorians, SCP Tourney, Dalton GA

Bill claims to have a lovely wife who plays paintball and to be the parent of three dogs.  If you’re not sure about any of that, keep on reading his stuff!

You can view all of William’s articles here (and watch him play in the video below):

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From left to right: Steve "Nighthawk" Johnston, Bill "Raven" Garrison, Steve Nolan, team captain Pete "Kestral" McCole, and Jamie Nolan

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