Mark Maher

Mark’s initial offering is an excellent piece on the spirit of paintball (linked to below) and he will be posting more coverage of his SPECTRE organization in the future.

Here’s what Mark has to say about himself:

I started playing paintball 12 years ago and founded SPECTRE in 2006.
Something about the camaraderie and ability of the sport to completely
drown out all of life’s worries has prevented me from escaping so far.
Though I’ll pepper a modern 20 bps down range with the best of them, I
have a soft spot in my heart for my original SL68 pump. I’ve been an
avid scenario baller from day one and have spent the last two years
playing many General and XO roles in scenario games across the
Northeast. I pride myself on bringing 110% to every game and expect
the same of my team. Paintball Sports Inc in Plattekill NY is my home
field and have been privileged to consider among my mentors since
2008: Daniel “Barney” Alamo, Kevin Donaldson, Chris Masi, Jerry Braun,
Eric Engler, Noah Harper, Matt Erenzo, and Andy Sanchez, among others.
Outside of the paintball realm I work as an EMT and am an aspiring PA
Here are links to Mark’s pieces:
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