Charles ‘Happy’ Holton

holton-charlesCharles Holton has been a fixture of the paintball scene for well over twenty years.  ‘Charlie’ (or ‘Happy’) was one of the industry’s first iconic showman, sporting a straw hat (with lots of pins) that made him a standout no matter how crowded the trade show was.

Charlie founded one of the original competition teams in the northeast – the North Shore Devil Dogs – was an officer of the IPPA – and has performed various duties with numerous companies in the industry over the years, including NPS and Pro-Team Products.

Charlie has also worked as a manager for PnL Paintball in Rhode Island for the past few years and has been introducing his son to the game.

Most Recent: Back to the Future – Steel Reserve’s Scenario at PnL Paintball

West Point Combat Classic 2010: Event Coverage

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