Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston

Bruce hails from the Canadian Northeast and offers 68Caliber a view into all things tournament and scenario from that region. Bruce is a photographer and a writer and brings a fantastic eye to the paintball field (check out some of his shots of balls in flight!)

You can read his articles here:

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Bruce lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada’s rugged East Coast. He has been playing paintball since the late 1980’s and has loved every minute of it.
Bruce currently plays on and captains the Tippinators, a team that regularly jumps between the perceived divisions in paintball. The Tippinators play both competitive xball, woodsball plus participate in scenario games in Eastern Canada and United States.
Bruce has dozens of published articles in various paintball magazines and websites. Bruce is quiet and modest off the field, never gloating nor lamenting after a game. He treats all players with respect regardless of ability and tries to make everyone a better paintballer.

Bruce and the rest of the Tippinators play by a strict code that they try to pass on to all players.. “Shake hands, play hard, have fun, make new friends, remember that it is just a game.”

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