Bambi Jo Bullard

Paintball Woman of the Year, Marine, field owner, writer, scenario game General and all around fixture of the industry, Bambi has made her mark on the industry and has quietly influenced not only paintball up and down the east coast, but across the country and around the world as well.

Bambi owns and operates Coastal Paintball at Fort Johnson, NC, a field that has been in operation for over two decades. Coastal, along with many other fields in the region participate in the Atlantic Coast Tournament Series (ACTS), a relatively low-cost, well run and highly respected regional tournament series.

Bambi also contributed many articles to Action Pursuit Games magazine including numerous introductory level pieces that have no doubt inspired thousands to play the game.

This past year, Bambi Jo was selected as the first annual Paintball Woman of the Year by the PBWoman website; the awards ceremony was conducted at the Living Legends 3 event at CPX Paintball, a fitting location for this Living Legend.

You can read Bambi’s articles by clicking on the links below:

Paintball’s Living Legends 3 Event

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