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68Caliber’s editorials are noted for their insightful and creative take on issues that affect the industry.

Firearm Look-a-Likes A Potential Problem

Paintball and the Press

Titillating Advertisements:  Appropriate for Paintball?

Paintball and Intellectual Property

Pump Paintball Coming On Strong

Bringing People Back To The Game

Before Paintball Was Politically Correct

Old Players Returning To The Game

50 Caliber Paintballs Debate

Unifying The Paintball Leagues

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Google Book Settlement Affecting Paintball Authors

The Case For Limited Paint Tournaments

Better Business Practices For Paintball

Evaluating Internet Advertising

Paintball Hazards That Aren’t

Change The Way We Sponsor

Positive Paintball Laws

How To View Paintball On The Internet

Growing Your Business In Bad Times

Should Paintball Games Have A Rating System?

Journalism Versus Speculation

Cheating In Paintball

How Much Is Paintball Worth?

Copy Rights

Industry Self-Regulation

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