Of course PaintballX3 is long out of business, but let’s add them to our hall of shame section for posting up some more than amazing 50 caliber paintball results that could not be backed up.  Despite being told there was video proof by John Amodea, the proof was never shown or posted.  In fact the opposite happened.  The PaintballX3 article that talked about the amazing 50 caliber paintball performance was actually removed from the website.  Archived by the Wayback Machine for viewing here.


A discussion thread on PBNation shows the results where originally posted (or at least noticed) on 11-05-2009:  http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=3249322

Immediately people noticed the outlier (Better than expected outlier) results that were performed by PaintballX3 as compared to others who performed early testing.

The same day a user called John and PaintballX3 out:

Several posts have been made on this website and paintballX3’s stating that videos exist and will be released. John Amodea also stated that he never conducts tests without videos. If we see the video and its true then WOW. No video means paintballX3’s credibility just went out the door.


John then quickly replied:

All of the testing is video-recorded so you’ll be seeing those videos up in a few weeks as well. The next part of the series is coming November 12th. Feel free to ask any questions, make suggestions, etc.


The video was requested by many users many times in the following weeks as the results seemed too good to be true.  The video was never made public if it existed at all.  Soon after the report on PaintballX3’s page was taken down and removed.  This sparked new outrage by Spitlebug on PBNation as the PaintballX3 (after removing the better-than-anyone-could-reproduce results), started to show ads for the GIMilsim Corporation which to many was a true conflict of interest.


Other people and sites started to do their own testing:

Since the makers were 5ft only high, I doubt the pbx3 test setup accuracy as not too much of a description was given.  If we only take into account the ballistics, at 5ft height (60 inches) the expected flight path lengths would hit  the ground somewhere a bit over 90ft (drop 54.1 inches) for the .68 and a bit over 80 ft (dropped 45 in@75ft, 96in at 90ft) for the .50 paint. Considering that the pbx3 guys claimed to shoot at 275, I think their numbers are off.


Despite the calls for proof, none were ever provided.  This is why PaintballX3 and those involved with the 50 caliber coverup make our “Hall of Shame”.


Looks like the last post in the thread summed it up best:

Just found this post. This is the typical paintball industry inside bull****. Hope something comes of this. Keep the feet to the fire

X3, lost of integrity / lost of credibility.


Now they’re out of business.

Many other folks got roped into promoting a product and spouting talking points without any proof who were in the “paintball media”.  Don’t worry folks, you’ll get your time in the spot light too!


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Snoogans · June 10, 2016 at 2:39 pm

Part 4 will explain and prove all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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