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How To Start A Paintball Team?

Mike Phillips recently aired a video on Youtube titled How To Start A Paintball Team.

Mike ought to need no introduction and, while his messages are often provocative, they usually include some worthwhile advice or observation.

Not so this time around.

The video seems to be directed at younger players and suggests that the first thing they need to do in order to start down the path to team stardom is…to…

wear the same clothes.

The remainder of the video continues in a similar vein with advice that I consider inappropriate if not actually potentially ruinous.

The proper way to start a team, the way to start one that ensures the greatest possibility of future success, is for those players looking to start one to become familiarized with all of the requirements, demands and realities of team play in paintball.  This may even include, for younger players, involving the parents (who will be footing the bill).

One such piece of information that should be communicated immediately is the fact that having a team does not mean free play for everyone.  Learning the realities of sponsorship in the paintball industry is crucial, as many teams fail once it becomes obvious that a sugar daddy is not waiting at the field to drop tens of thousands of dollars a year on the new kids on the block.

The first task for new-team wannabes is to decide what their goals as a team will be.  What formats are they going to play, how serious are they going to be, what kind of players do they want.  Names, uniforms, sponsorship and all the rest will be wasted if the goals are not determined.  You may have all the players you need, but if some of them want to play scenario only, some of them want to play PSP only and some of them only want to compete in tournament play locally, you do not have a TEAM.

What you have are a bunch of misled individuals who are going to waste time and money and experience a lot of aggravation and disappointment while they figure out that their individuals goals are not compatible.

Another first step in forming a team – based on the goal(s) decided upon – is – where is the money going to come from?  How is the team going to be financed?  Not through sponsorship, I can promise you that.  You don’t have a team if everyone spends their available paintball money on practice (necessary practice) and has nothing left for the events.  And if you shave on practice in order to pay for the event, you’re going to have a disappointing, money-wasting tournament because without practice your team will just not be ready.

There are a host of additional pitfalls that can destroy a team in a single weekend if they aren’t anticipated and planned for in advance: what happens when your star players are cherry-picked by the team that does have some decent sponsorship and reputation?  What happens when mom says Billy can’t play until he gets his grades up?  (And you need Billy to fill out the tournament roster?)  How do you divide up the winnings (if you ever get any?)  How do you pay for the events?  Which parent is going to sign for the hotel rooms for the under-aged team?

Players that start teams and fail at it often become ex-players.  If we want to see team play grow, it behooves all of us to help out by giving them good, solid practical information, not wardrobe advice.

Chad George comes back to Luxe for 2013

DLX Technology Group is proud to announce that professional paintball player Chad George is once again shooting a Luxe.

For Immediate Release – Chad George was among the first professional paintball players to use the Luxe paintball marker in competition, and has now come back into the fold.

Chad George made his move to professional level paintball when he joined the Philadelphia Americans in 2006, and began shooting the Luxe tournament paintball marker when the team adopted it in 2008. George was instantly hooked, describing the Luxe as “The first of its kind… light and reliable.”

Times change, and so do teams. George moved to a team in a different league sponsored by another manufacturer, and found himself “itching to get back to the Luxe.”

In 2012 George made another move, joining Houston Heat to play alongside teammates from his days with Philly: Jason Trosen, Sam Monville and Konstantin Fedorov. Prior promotional arrangements kept the Luxe out of his hands… until now.

DLX is pleased to be supplying Chad George with the Luxe 2.0 marker he’ll be shooting in 2013 as Heat defends its position as reigning PSP champions. George is already enjoying the 2.0 features on the Luxe, “It shoots a little bit faster, and it shoots straighter with the new bolt,” he says.

DLX Technology is dedicated to melding cutting edge technology with solid tournament performance to build the ultimate luxury paintball marker. To learn more, contact DLX Technology Group at, visit or find us on Facebook – .

NPPL Vegas Practice Day

ESPN 300

NPPL Las Vegas Practice Day

Where: Las Vegas Premier Paintball Park When: Thursday Oct 4th Time: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm Price: Free entry with purchase of Valken Paintballs Premier Paintball is an Official NPPL Feeder Series and great place to play paintball. For Shuttle Service from strip for $15.00  and to sign up call Premier Paintball. (702)574-2066 Website:

ESPN 300

The National Professional Paintball League is committed to hosting the highest quality paintball tournaments at the most affordable price. Our vision is to provide you, the player and team, a professional stage to compete on while giving you the best possible experience. We will focus on quality referees and organization while giving you an incredible vibe to have the time of your paintball life.

  Come join the Pros and experience the Greatest Paintball Show on Earth.
 National Professional Paintball League

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JT Splatmaster Comuing To NPPL DC

ESPN 300

NPPL Las Vegas Practice Day

Where: Las Vegas Premier Paintball Park When: Thursday Oct 4th Time: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm Price: Free entry with purchase of Valken Paintballs Premier Paintball is an Official NPPL Feeder Series and great place to play paintball. For Shuttle Service from strip for $15.00  and to sign up call Premier Paintball. (702)574-2066 Website:

ESPN 300

The National Professional Paintball League is committed to hosting the highest quality paintball tournaments at the most affordable price. Our vision is to provide you, the player and team, a professional stage to compete on while giving you the best possible experience. We will focus on quality referees and organization while giving you an incredible vibe to have the time of your paintball life.

  Come join the Pros and experience the Greatest Paintball Show on Earth.
 National Professional Paintball League

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Hardcore Paintball League: Facts Revealed

Now that the 2nd Annual Woodsball World Cup is over, some interesting information can be revealed.  But first:

68Caliber has a general “NO” policy regarding gossip, rumor and smacktalk.  We mention this because this particular article may appear to be such – but is most decidedly not.

The reason it may look that way is because we’re not naming any of our sources for the information.  We have them, they’re legit and what they’ve told us has been verified by other ‘requested anonymity’ sources.  We’re getting a little ahead of the curve here though, so we’re honoring their request for namelessness.  (We just couldn’t resist the pleas to wait.)

The Hardcore Paintball League is going to be a four event woodsball series (can’t believe I even have to say ‘woodsball’) that will take place in Illinois, California, Maryland and New York.  (Additional locations may be added between now and the 2012 season).

The league will feature ten man play in the woods – each team playing the teams in it’s division twice on the same field (once from each station – fairness), will employ a larger than usual number of referees on each field employing state-of-the-art officiating tools.

A wide range of technologies will be allowed, but there will be some limitation on ROF.  Those details not revealed because they are still undergoing a little tweaking.

Each event in its region will be a regional championship.  The National Championship will take place in New York state.

Local events will feed into regional events (locals will be largely self-organized and part of a membership program); participants will be able to win performance-based rewards.

The league itself will be backed up by player and team statistics, which will be accessible to members; a limited version of the stats will also be available publicly.

Based on current discussion, participating in the HCL will cost the same or less than other similar tournament venues.

League operators constitute a group of what is probably the most experienced set of event producers known to the industry.

The reffing squad will be trained centrally and members may not be participants of any team participating in the league.

Stats will be based on the original system utilized by the NPPL during the 1993 through 1997 seasons, improved upon and rigorous enough to become a serious tool for participating teams; team seeding will be largely based upon objective performance criteria.

Yes, we know that’s not enough information.  More will be coming as the final details are worked out.

Our take at 68Caliber is that the HCL will offer players (especially those competing in traditional tournaments) an exciting addition to their competition calendar, something that will be a change of pace, will emphasize skills different from those being used now.

NPPL Newsletter

NPPL E-Newsletter #5

August 11th, 2011

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Monster will promote the NPPL DC Challenge at over 100 convenience stores in the Virginia Area. At these locations, a special window decal will be on glass refrigerator doors, promoting the event by offering specially marked cans of Monster to purchase. Bring these cans to the NPPL DC Challenge and receive FREE Grandstand admission for the day! Check out your local convenience starting September 1st!

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Voting ends August 25th so vote for your favorite Pro Player today!

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Team X-Factor Opens a New Field

Team X-Factor is opening a new field, “X-Factor Paintball Park,” on Saturday, August 20th, at 18239 Bracken Drive San Antonio, Texas. Be the first to check out and play on their new field!  For more information on San Antonio X-Factor

Click Here


Portland Uprising will be debuting PBRack Clothing’s

Portland Uprising will be sporting the new 2012 jerseys at the NPPL DC Challenge. Get your first exclusive look at the 2012 PBRack Jerseys on all your favorite Portland Uprising players.   Check out for more updates.



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Wendell “Runaway” McInnis Appointed Valken Corps Regional Commander

Swedesboro, NJ – Valken Paintball is proud to announce that Wendell “Runaway” McInnis of North Carolinas Team Boxer is the first player to be installed as a Valken Corps Regional Commander (SERC) and will be leading  the Valken Corps’ Southeast Region.

The Valken Corps is a band of paintball players who reach out beyond their own team or group, to unite with other like-minded individuals and come together on a larger scale to enjoy the game of paintball.  The goal is to give paintball players what they want – more paintball – by creating a network of players that share advice, support local fields and shops and contribute to the growth of the game.  The Valken Corps highlights the fields, stores, events, teams and individuals that help make paintball the obsession we all know and love.

The U.S. Corps is divided in to 10 regions  to help players connect with other locals and to help organize fields, teams and events. There are also Canadian Provincial Corps and European Corps countries, as well.  Each will have a Regional Commander(RC), whose duties include leading Valken Corps players on the field and organizing Valken Corps players and teams off the field.  Valken Corps Regional Commanders are a dedicated group of volunteer players with leadership experience both on and off the paintball field.

Wendell McInnis embodies what the Valken Corps is all about.  His squad, Team Boxer, operates as a tightly organized mil-sim unit.  With many of the members, including Wendell, having military experience, the team has a reputation for their tactical knowledge, communications and force-multiplying abilities.  The team has commanded scenarios throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions while earning multiple MVP and MVT awards along the way.

Wendell’s first task as South East Regional Commander (SERC) was to lead a team to victory at On Target Paintball’s Modern Warfare: Vietnam, game in early June.  Runaway and his command structure will be leading Valken Corps players at Fulda Gap this fall.  For more information on the Valken Corps, or to join the community, visit  Visit Team Boxer online at and for more details on the Valken sponsored Fulda Gap event, see

Valken Paintball will be announcing more Regional Commanders in the coming days.  For more information on Valken, visit and follow them on Facebook at or Twitter at

Portugal Group Travels to Compete in UK

Throughout the days from 29th of April to 1st of May, a small group of Portuguese men, will travel to England to participate in Europe’s biggest scenario paintball event, the already famous North vs. South, which will take place, for the last time, in the military base of Swynnerton in Staffordshire, UK.


The Portuguese Expeditionary Corps – CEP, is a selection of Portuguese paintball players that gather with the purpose of participating in one of the biggest paintball events of the world, where they will proudly carry their national colors.


This group is composed by players from various other teams, and could easily have chosen any designation, but instead it was decided to use to colors and symbols of our country in order to represent it abroad, inspired by the original CEP the Portuguese Corps that had its intervention in the First World War, fighting alongside the British.


The CEP is organized, promoted and oriented under the wings of Paintugal – Portuguese Association of Scenario Paintball. This Association has been promoting since 2008 the establishment of an alliance between the most relevant Europe’s big games, France, United Kingdom and Portugal, with the purpose to encourage and ensure conditions for the participation of foreign players in those events.


North vs. South, is an event where more than 1500 players gather annually divided in two major groups, the North side and the South side. Each one of these sides represents an average of 30 teams. It was precisely, in these kind of conditions, that in 2007, their debut year, the CEP composed only by four members, conquered its first prize of Best Squad of the North taking the Portuguese sports to its highest levels.


Paintugal’s CEP would then become a multi-awarded team, conquering for three consecutive tear the Best Squad Team prize (2 for of the North, 1 for of the South), and honor which is never given to the same team two years in a row. The recognition that is held by this team, not only by the event organizers, but as well as the paintball community, it is therefore evident.


This is just another story that approaches a reality that is unknown for a majority of people, only to demonstrate that sometimes, , the union, voluntarism, and the power of will can grant to a small group of men a conspicuous mobilizing force.

Paintugal – Associação Portuguesa de Paintball Recreativo – APD

Paintball Included in Fitness Program

The Times&Transcript website from Canada reports that the Dundee Sports Dome of Moncton has been using paintball to encourage teens to continue pursuing physical activity (rather than swelling into couch potatoes). The program looks to be successful – “we have over 100 kids in on Friday nights,” according to Jules Leger, the facility’s General Manager.

They’ve got so much participation in this program that they are seriously considering adding an indoor league.

And all part of a Canada-wide fitness program. Who would ever have thought that someone would be saying that paintball is good for you?

Read the rest here

Paintball’s UK Scenario Award Winners – 2010

The UK Scenario Awards are held annually, with 2010’s event being conducted this past weekend in Birmingham.

Eligible voters cast nominations online for the following categories –

Team of the Year

Player of the Year (male & female)

Game of the year, Commander of the year, Young Player of the year, Breakthrough Team of the year, Site of the Year, Marshalling team of the Year, Diamond Wars Team & Player of the Year, Overseas contribution to UK paintball and Outstanding Contribution to the UK Paintball Scene.

Nice idea.

Official site (without all of the winners, yet) can be found HERE

Nominees for 2010 were (from

Team Of The Year
Scottish Warriors
Warren Wood Rangers
Team Pups

Breakthrough Team Of The Year
Dog Soldiers
Dirty 1/2 Dozen
Renegade Rebels
Morcombe Bay Assasins

Male Player Of The Year
Ian “StellaKing” Pinchen – Scottish Warriors
Phil “Yorky” Walter – Dog Soldiers
Niall “Niallist” Caroll – S.P.S.
Ed “Mad Cow” Holey – BZ

Female Player Of The Year
Ashleigh “Bash” Barber – Going Postal
Zoe “Little Zo” Cooper – Warren Wood Rangers
Becky “Bex” Clough???? – P.U.P.S.
Luciee “LuLuPinkhat” Jones – Bone Collectors

Commander Of The Year
Blair “Swiss” McLarnon – World War II Campaign
Jason “Cardicus” Smith – NvsS 2K10
Tony “Da Boss” Lindsay – Tippmann Challenge
Matt “The Chap” Russell – Staargate

Young Player Of The Year
Alex “Finchy” Finch – PUPS
Zac Jones – Trench Rats
Alexandrea “Ice Queen” Prince – Dirty 1/2 Dozen
Courtney “Mouth” Gell – Renegade Rebels

And winners of the Awards for 2010 – courtesy Scottish Warriors forum are:

General of the Year – Tony Lindsay!!
Team of the Year – Scottish Warriors!!
Male Player of the Year – Ian Stellaking Pinchen

(congrats to the Scottish Warriors for taking home three awards!)

Other results:
Female player – Bex Clough
young player – Courtney Gell
breakthrough team – joint winners: Renegade Rebels and Dog Soldiers
game of the year -Wedding Day Massacre/Tim Barnett
contribution – Tim Barnett

Paintball & Zombies: Such a Happy Combo!

Nine years in the making, Flagswipe Paintball’s Day of the Dead has become one of Southern Ontario’s largest paintball scenario games. Players must choose a side; fight for the survival of mankind as a righteous human mercenary, or join the horde of evil zombies, who’s terrifying presence strikes fear in even the most hardened combat veterans. This all day event takes place once a year and hosts as many as 1000 players, from seasoned snipers to novice gun-slingers, and even some beginners, out for their first paintball game ever! With thousands of dollars in prizes and giveaways, a costume contest, and the most electrifying paintball action ever experienced, Flagswipe’s Day of the Dead will surely top your list of must play games for the year.

This year, Underground Productz is proud to take part in Flagswipe’s huge Paintball Trade Show at Day of the Dead 9. This promises to be Canada’s biggest trade show and will feature ALL of paintball’s top manufacturers, distributors, and accessory specialists. Don’t miss out on all the action, Contact Flagswipe today!! Full information is available on their website-

Paintball’s World Cup Player’s Party

Attention Paintballers, Bad News Paintball is hosting the players party at the biggest paintball event in the world, World Cup, next month. MAO was such a smash that we are doing it again but this time bigger and better with girls, giveaways and loads of fun. Time, location and date to be announced within the next couple of weeks. For more info, email or hit us on facebook @Bad News Paintball.    Hope to see you there!!!!

Free Entry To NPPL World Paintball Championship

Division 3 (7man) NPPL affiiate
Division 4 (5man) NPPL affiliate
Pump (5man) NPPL affiliate
Prizes: Entry to NPPL Vegas and Warped events+paint
Next event September 25-26th!

Bonus Ball Tournament Series

Warped Paintball Park is hosting its third Bonus Ball Tournament Series. Enter to win free entry into the NPPL Las Vegas World Paintball Championships 2010. Bonus Ball Tournament will be held September 25th-26th. Last day to register is September 23rd so sign-up today!

Divisions available to win are D3 7 Man, D4 5 Man, & Pump.  Prizes included are free entry to the NPPL tournament held in Las Vegas, Free entry into the Bonus Ball event, and cases of paint.

Field Paint Only – Tournament Grade Bonus Ball Paint – ONLY $30

To register or for further information please go to

Don’t forget registration for the NPPL is filling up fast, currently at 92 teams, so sign up today! For registration details please email or call Valerie at or (714) 758-5575.

CORNFED Paintball CQB Event Scheduled

The CORNFED event has been set for November 6th, 2010 in the Walla Walla Corn Maze in Walla Walla, WA.

The event has been posted on Facebook; a link has been placed on the Official CORNFED Facebook page for the event found at

Also, links and event preregistration has been established on the Flashpoint Paintball website, and scenario details, such as prop development activities, mission parameters, and costuming assembly, are popping up on the Flashpoint Lancer team group page (found at HERE as they become available.

CORNFED is a post apocalyptic CQB scenario event produced by Flash Paintball and the Flashpoint Paintball community.

In the past, the event has been used as a fundraiser for local charities; this year it will be used as a fundraiser for the Flashpoint community asset pool. Information on the spending plan has been posted in the discussion section of the CORNFED Facebook page.

Hurricane Earl Can’t Stop Paintball Finals

by Bruce Johnston

The day after category one hurricane Earl roared through the Maritimes – uprooting trees, laying waste to trailer parks and cancelling Saturday – the final event of the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League (AXBL) was played.

The four man AX4 teams normally play matches on Saturday. The five man AXBL teams play on Sunday. To finish the event on time and ensure that everyone would make their flights home on time, AX4 games were intermixed with AXBL and would be played on Sunday, all games were shortened by 10 minutes and the All Star game was cancelled.

Stacked Up

The morning of Sunday September 5th dawned as a perfect day for paintball. The small crew that had been hard at work Saturday evening were successful in their bid to repair the damage and have everything ready. When finished, Overkill Sportz, in Mount Uniake, Nova Scotia showed no sign of the Hurricane Earl damage of the previous day.

Despite the delay, the best four man and five man xball teams from across Atlantic Canada took to the field to decide who would become the 2010 champions.

On the Break

The five man division saw the East Coast Outlaws (ECO), anchored by former Philadelphia Americans NXL Champion Jeff MacDonald, bring their perfect record up against the two teams capable of replacing ECO at the top of the podium. Both South Shore Hype and Newfoundland Wreckhouse came ready to play and eager to take the AXBL crown for themselves

In a game that saw ECO claw back from an early four point deficit. ECO tied South Shore 7-7 in the most entertaining game of the season. This tie ended South Shore’s hope but opened the door a crack for Newfoundland, who’s fate was in their own hands. Their fate was in there hands. The Wreckhouse squad came up short, losing to Hammonds Plains Hustle. The Wreckhouse lose gave ECO the 2010 AXBL title.

The four man AX4 league saw the return of one of the great teams in Atlantic Canadian paintball. The former Atlantic Canadian Champion, Atlantic Storm, after a three year hiatus, made a spectacular return to competitive paintball. A flag hang in the final minute of the team’s first game of the season against the Halifax Cyclones was the closest Storm came to losing a game. Atlantic Storm proved to be the powerhouse of the league, going undefeated all season to capture the AX4 title and earning a spot in AXBL for 2011.

Tucking in

Congratulation East Coast Outlaws and Atlantic Storm on fighting Mother Nature and the other teams for your well deserved wins. Now that 2010 is in the books, planning can begin for 2011 and the opportunity for these teams to make it two in a row.

Woodsball World Cup: The People That Made It Happen

Here’s a list of the team rosters, the refs and the staff that made WWC 2010 the event that it was:

Dennis Mood
Alex Lundqvist
Matt Blonski
Bart Blonski
Corey Berke
Pat ‘Church’ Mauro
Mo Reyes
Danny Weisel
Robert ‘Rosie’ Rose
Steve Cuzona
Pete Reilly
Ray Romano
Steve Mood
Jay Smith
Matt Alesi
Thanks to Corey for the corrections!

Rob Ruiz
Edwin Cuevas
Ryan Miller
Nick Taranto
Eugene Ortiz
Emanuel Ortiz
Jonathan Ortiz
Joshua Rivera
Justin Velez
Jamie Serrano
Heriberto Riviera

Eugene Glouzgoul
Jason Ferris
Steve Fraleigh
Todd Sullivan
Chris Cruz
Mike Jones
Rob Stoveker
Rob Thomas
Steve Y
Noah Harper
Mark Maher
Jason Comacho
Santos C
Ed Dykshooch
Matt Ficinns

Kurtis Guyer
Brent Swiegard
Christopher Bik
Ryan Ort
Matt Karpinski
David Kissinger
David Kunker
Michael Maisonet
Charles Holland
Paul Home
Justin Mihalaki

John Korkowski
Pat Sanelli
Rob Martinez
Steve Aegellen
Chris Doud
Jared Keater
Brian Gill
Larry Kuno
Foster Lipski
Travis Sisco
David Thornhill
Anthony Dejoseph (who didn’t show)

Nate Chernewsky
Brendan Quackenbush
Seth Weiland
Josh Sirlin
David Cilio
Mike Tucci
Ricky Bongoll
Tony Vanronne
Norbert Gergkonau
Colton Turner
Scott Caputo

Richard ‘Squidboy’ Callamari
Danny ‘Barney’ Alamo
Tyler Donovan
Kyle Donovan
Steve Gless
and many fine folks who filled in for this team

Jerry Braun
Kevin Donaldson
Ken Heferle
Kevin Heferle
Matt Orenzo
Dan Masonette
Robert Chaniok
Greg Cunningham
Kevin Ryan
Phil Martucci

Chris Massi
Andy Sanchez

Carmen ‘The Angry’ Borgia – Valken
Tennessee – Valken
Guerrilla Air
Rene Boucher – Paintball News
Steve Davidson –

Iron Angels NZ’s Answer To Female Ballers

The NZTV website’s Breakfast column for the 14th of September (New Zealand is a day ahead of us in case you don’t know) reports that one of their reporters is heading out to play with the NZ Female Team Iron Angels, who are making a bid for qualifying in the Asia World Cup in Kuala Lumpur.

You can see the coverage on NZTV here, and you can check out the Angel’s home base – Paintball Adventure Challenge – here

Woodsball World Cup: Paintball Comes Full Circle

Well folks, I’ve just returned from the first ever Woodsball World Cup tournament at the legendary Paintball Sports NY field and I am totally and completely exhausted.

I’ve only got time to give you all a summary right now as I’ve still got something like 150 video clips to edit, over 200 photos to edit and other publications to coordinate with (Rene Boucher of Paintball News was there as well and we split some of the coverage duties. Right now I’m holding the scoring information hostage until I can get my hot little hands on a pic of Jerry Braun and I together…)

The promoters of the event – Jerry Braun, Paintball Sports NY, the National Pump League and 68Caliber – were initially hoping to have 14 or so teams in attendance. (You may not know this, but the first ever World Cup – held at the same location as this one – had 16 teams attending. Over the years that event grew to several hundred teams.)

As it was, the event ended up with 7 teams. One would normally say “only” 7 teams, but in this particular case we’re dealing with promoters who have nearly 30 years with the game, know how these things work and are planning for the long haul. Which brings up the first announcement:

WOODSBALL WORLD CUP 2011 will be held the weekend of September 9, 10 & 11.

It’s already scheduled, it’s already going to happen and there will be more than 7 teams.

The decision was made a few short weeks before the tournament to drop the cut-off down to 8; that way, the event could be held on a single field. This decomplicates scheduling, reffing AND, perhaps most importantly of all, insures that all of the teams become familiar with the terrain and are on an absolutely fair and balanced footing when it comes to field draws.

The field used for the event was the legendary CHALLENGER field (thanks to Ken Heferle for the correction). (A very famous game involving my team – the Werewolves, Freddie Schultz’s Constant Pursuit team and a lightening storm took place on that very same field nearly two decades ago.) If you could look at a cross-section of the field, it would look like an inverted ‘U’ – or something like this –
___/                           \___

If you’ve never played woodsball before, the variation in terrain was a completely foreign element to you, which only served to make things very interesting, as well as a great learning opportunity for those players and teams who were giving this style of play its first go round.

I’d like to personally thank the teams that did attend: they took a chance, stepped off into the unknown and, as personal accounts and the pictures you’ll see tomorrow will show you, they all had a fantastic time.

In many respects, this event reminded me of the first ever NPPL tournament in Dallas TX. Everyone was having a great time and there were smiles all around – regardless of whether you were winning or losing.

So, a big shout out to: Team Low Key, the Magic Men, Upstate Hate, the Misfit Militia, Highland Skulls, Long Island Caretakers and Ground Zero.

I’d like to mention Squid Boy and Team Low Key here for a second. This team showed up with four or five of their original players and filled out with free agents, borrowed players and even some walk-ons who were playing their first paintball ever. This is a young team – both in team and player years – and they were the epitome of what tournament woodsball is all about: they came, they ignored the odds, they played hard every single game, they gave and got respect all around and even brought some new folks into the game, people who had a great time and will absolutely be back to play again.

The same can be said for every team that was in attendance; you’ll be seeing a special piece all about the event from one of the Magic Men players; they also had a disappointing event so far as the scoreboard was concerned, but they have a lot of heart and they put every bit of it out onto the field.

Personally, it was a wonderful experience to see some of the greatest people I have ever known gathered all in one place again after two decades: the Ground Zero guys (every single player a world tournament champion btw – what other team can say that?), my old teammate Phil Martucci who reffed, the LI Caretakers (I have their patch!); hanging with the Highland Skulls who have the dress code down and are working hard on the field skills (these guys are going places – they’ve got absolutely the right attitude: getting your butts kicked and coming back for more is the only way to get good at this game)!

The staff and refs – omg, what a legendary crew – from Jerry Braun, to Kevin Donaldson, Ken & Kevin Heferle, Matt Orenzo, Dan Masonette, Robert Choniok, Greg Cunningham, Chris Massi, Phil Martucci and Andy Sanchez – any tournament in the world would be begging to have these guys officiate their event if they could see them in action!

I also want to thank Carmen and Tennessee from Valken for coming out and representing; Guerrilla Air for sending some awesome gear out, Tippmann and Empire Paintball for the thought (they wanted to participate but due to logistics were unable to do so), PB Sports NY and to 68Caliber which sponsored a bunch of teams and players. (Yes, I will resort to patting myself on the back when called for.) Barney for bringing his purple self, everyone who brought old-time gear by (we had a great display, including a one-armed bandit!)

The Jersey Titans for an awesome b-b-cue (great food AND great people – you’ll be seeing them next year as well) – and – to anyone who I should have but haven’t mentioned; it’s entirely due to exhaustion and I will be happy to make corrections if you’ll send me along a small note.

I should also mention that everyone took a minute of silence at the minute and hour of the 9/11 attack to honor the memory of those who died, and we also paid homage to two men without whom tournament paintball would not be what it is today – Richie RT Travis and Jim Anderson, who are still with us in spirit if not in the flesh.

Scores? You want scores? OK. The prelims ended as follows:

Low Key 7th
Magic Men 6th
Highland Skulls 5th
Misfit Militia 4th
Upstate Hate 3rd
L.I. Caretakers 2nd
Ground Zero 1st

The semi-finals ended as follows:

Misfit Militia 4th
L.I. Caretakers 3rd
Upstate Hate 2nd
Ground Zero 1st

and the finals ended with

Ground Zero 1st
Upstate Hate 2nd

On the field the play was a joy to behold – each and every bit of it. From watching Bobbie Rose getting his groove back and dominating the ridge line (you’ll be seeing a video of that soon) to the folks who were new to the woods learning how to crawl, find targets in the trees and realizing that a 30 foot run just means you’ve got a heck of a lot further to go, it was like turning back the clock twenty years. You could smell the old style game, feel the history creeping up behind you and whispering in your ear – this is the way you’re supposed to play paintball.

Conversations with the players was gratifying and encouraging, so far as the future of ten player woodsball is concerned. One player who was very demonstrative about it was Pat ‘Church’ Mauro, who’s played a lot of arena ball. I think I heard him saying that he had a great time and was thinking maybe he might just play in the woods from now on…

To be serious: a lot of players who’s only experience with tournament play has been the arena were absolutely thrilled by how much they didn’t know, how much they had to learn, how cool it was to be able to crawl, run really far, shoot at all different kinds of ranges, communicate in code across the field, shift people around, back up and re-set – all of the things that we used to be able to do. As GZ player Corey Berke said “it’s an entirely different game – and so much fun!”

Much more tomorrow – much, much more: an introduction to the teams and players that attended, some more game descriptions, an inside look from the Magic Men, videos and pics!

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This intentionally limited paint format has never been tried before on this scale in paintball. With each player limited to the same number of shots between reloads, and semi-auto action dependent upon your trigger control, “Operation: End War” is the perfect laboratory to test your true skill – your true leadership, tactics, and cunning.

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