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The COOLEST Barrels On Earth

JJ_full_logo_hollow_wordsWe’re hearing rumors that a new barrel is about to hit the market, and coming from one of paintball’s legacy manufacturers – J&J Performance.

Word has leaked out (well, it hasn’t actually leaked until after YOU read this) that J&J Performance will be cryogenically treating a new line of as-yet un-named barrels.

A little research has turned up a few facts:

the barrels will be treated in -300 degree liquid nitrogen (one of our favorite gasses!) for 24 hours or longer.

this “cyrogenic” treatment (it’s the same methodology that was used to freeze Walt Disney’s head for future generations) apparently strengthens the material and, for gun barrels (and paintball barrels) not only leads to longer life and less wear-and-tear, but also to greater accuracy.

Several manufacturers using this technology for firearm barrels report that 10 to 12 inch shot groups of untreated barrels were reduced to 1″ groupings following treatment.

Holy Frozen Ropes of Paint, Batman!  That’s like, a 90% increase in accuracy!

Your mileage may vary but – Holy …. !

Rumor also has it that J&J’s new barrels will be available for all makes of gun and there just might be some giveaways in our future.

Mr. Freeze thinks it’s a good idea!Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Mr.-Freeze-Batman-and-Robin

No, we don’t have pictures of the barrels themselves yet (silly goose – what’s a picture of an aluminum tube going to do for you?) but we do have these to share:

Geez!  Why do they have to talk so much!?  Just show us the cool stuff already! (Maybe I should point out that this first video involves gelatin and nitrogen, two of our favorite things in paintball!)

For more fun with liquid nitrogen, visit the TechBlog.  For more fun with paintball, visit J&J Performance.


Use Paintball To Stay Fit & Trim

paint.17_From the Big Tip website:

“There is little doubt that paintball is a wonderful game that is becoming hugely popular not only amongst kids but also amongst grownups. If you wish to make your function different from the ordinary and something that your guests will always remember then you should without any doubt look into the possibility of having a game of paintball organized. There are a number of advantages associated with paintball. First and foremost it can be played outdoors and also insides. In fact it would not be out of place to mention here that some of the best indoor paintball games have been found to be more popular than the outdoor versions.”

Read more about using paintball to stay in shape here

G.I. Sportz Acquires Tippmann

G.I. Sportz Acquires Tippmann Sports

Leading paintball brands come together to create new industry powerhouse

December 20, 2013 – G.I. Sportz is pleased to announce it has acquired Tippmann Sports, bringing together two iconic paintball companies. This transaction brings the industry’s leading brands of paint (GI Sportz and DXS), markers (Tippmann and GI Victus), goggles (Vforce) and accessories together under one roof creating a global industry one stop shop.

“This fulfills a longtime dream of bringing together the industry’s most prolific product innovators and leading brands to create a dominant industry player owned and operated by paintball players,” said Richmond Italia, Chairman and CEO of G.I. Sportz.

“By combining the resources of two companies that manufacture products in North America, we’ll be able to serve the paintball industry in new and exciting ways while continuing our dedication to leading-edge products and unmatched customer support” said Denny Tippmann Jr., President of Tippmann Sports.

Both Richmond and Denny Jr. agree that its time paintball comes back home. Made in AMERICA, run by PAINTBALL PLAYERS.

For more information and detail

Route 40 Paintball Wins Discrimination Law Suit in Federal Court

The wheels of justice grind slowly, which is why you may not remember that waaaaay back in December of 2011, Tommy Maliszewski’s Route 40 Paintball Park in Maryland was being sued by Blind Industries and Services of Maryland for refusing to allow a group of 6 blind customers to play at their field.

If I remind you that the internet was up in arms because ‘someone was saying that the “no blind shooting” rule was discriminatory’ perhaps it will jog your memory a bit.  That was the word going around, but it turned out to be incorrect reporting;  the case was not over potentially discriminatory language being used in paintball, but over whether or not the American’s with Disability Act (the Federal Law that made everyone put wheelchair ramps up) applied to a paintball facility.

68Caliber offered some coverage and an editorial on the subject back in 2011;  we discussed the case with Tommy Mau Mau in an extensive telephone conversation (once his son Julian realized that it wasn’t some fly-by-night calling to make trouble), at which time Tom requested that 68Caliber not provide running coverage of the law suit.  Suffice to say that Tom and family were just as mystified by the situation as any other field operator in the country would be.

But enough of the past.  Here’s the skinny:  The Federal District Court found in favor of Route 40 Paintball because of the specific circumstances of the case.  The take-away for field owners is this:  you’ve got to make your facilities accessible to the handicapped and that INCLUDES blind individuals.  You don’t have to unduly burden your business to do so, but determining exactly what that means will require legal counsel.  And that means –

You need to get a review of the practices at your field to determine if you are in compliance;  Route 40 Paintball Park now has a braille version of their waiver and safety rules on hand at their facility, for example.

If you want to keep yourself OUT of Federal court, you might also want to institute something like the following procedure when talking to potential customers: “ please let us know in advance if you have any special needs so we can take any steps necessary to accommodate you.”  (With every customer and on every piece of communication your field produces -flyers, posters, webpages, you name it!)

and figure out an objective way to assess the ability of anyone to play in a manner that won’t cause a threat of harm to others.  You need to come up with the procedure, get it vetted (attorney familiar with ADA), you need to train all personnel that interact with customers and you need to apply it to every potential customer that walks in your door.  (Start with the intoxicated:  none of us allow an obviously impaired individual to play – but how do you know they are impaired?  What OBJECTIVE criteria do you use?  If you kick them out – how do you document it for future use?  Stuff to think about!)

You all ought to know that early on in this case it wasn’t looking so good for paintball.  The judge in the case almost issued a summary judgement in favor of the blind players.  Ultimately the case was tried without jury and the court found that because the group of blind players arrived over an hour late for their scheduled game time, the field had to make a snap-judgement as to whether they could be accommodated in a safe manner; such forced spur of the moment decisions, even when in violation of ADA rules, can sometimes get you an out and it did so in this particular case.  (That’s NOT legal advice btw; the decision in this case was a very narrow one, based on the specific findings of fact in the case and such will not apply to other situations, even if they bare a close resemblance.  Read that as “Get a Lawyer”)

I’m tempted to go off on the whole idea of blind players participating in what is almost an entirely sighted activity (frankly I can’t think of any activity other than driving that doesn’t rely so heavily on sight), but I’ll leave that alone for now.  Not that I’m against it IF a safe way for everyone involved can be found.  (Some enterprising souls out there in paintball R&D land – that means “opportunity”.)

Below you’ll find PDF transcripts of the (rejection) of summary judgment and the final resolution.

Bottom line for field owners?

The ADA applies to your business

You are probably NOT in compliance with its requirements

There are people out there who make a living by suing businesses on the thinnest of excuses and they probably know the law better than you do

Nuff said.

Requests for Summary Judgment

Final Ruling

$10,000 in Scholarships up for Grabs in 2013

Old Hickory, Tennessee – February 1, 2013 – The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund is proud to announce there will be $10,000 in Scholarships up for grabs for 2013. These scholarships are open to all High School Senior Paintball Players wishing to further their education in the fall of 2013 in any accredited school of higher education in the U.S. or Canada. This year there will be two $2,500 National Scholarship Awards given out. They are being sponsored by two of the largest manufacturers in the industry: Tippmann Sports and Valken Sports. New for 2013 will be three $1,000 Players Scholarship Awards being sponsored by Planet Eclipse, National Professional Paintball League, Paintball Gear Canada, Cossio Insurance Agency, LAPCO, Viper Paintball, Paintball Extravaganza, and Mr. Bud Orr. Additionally, there will be four $500 Field Owners Scholarship Awards to be given from fundraisers that were conducted during the year at: Three Rivers PB Park, Wasaga Beach PB Park, E.M.R. PB Park, Hell Survivors, CPX Sports, Adventure Beach PB, Xtreme PB Park, and Giant PB Parks.

Applications must be submitted on or before March 30th 2013. For a copy of an application and additional requirements please visit: Field owners can also request posters for their fields and stores to promote the opportunity to their players. This is also a great public relations opportunity in everyone’s local markets – high schools specifically!
The scholarship board of directors wishes to thank all the players, teams and companies for their contributions and ongoing commitment to this cause. Without their help this program would not be possible. We ask for everyone to please continue to support the fund as it encourages higher education of today’s youth in paintball. Go to our web-site for a list of all Supporters.

Donations to the Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund are tax deductible. Any amount to help underwrite the scholarships is greatly needed and would be very much appreciated.


“I Will Rip Off Your Head and…” Play Paintball the Army Way

Tippmann Sports, LLC

FREE DOWNLOAD: U.S. Army Way to Play Paintball

Tippmann is offering our fans this free guide which features everything you need to play paintball the right way – the Army way. This guide includes:

Tips on playing “safety smart”
Army-style missions
Incorporating Army values into your game
Playing as a team
The importance of physical fitness
Eight steps toward ultimate mission success

Click here to download the guide or click on the image to the right.

This is a great guide for new or avid paintball players wanting to learn more about playing paintball the U.S. Army Way.

Be sure to share this with friends using anyone of the social icons listed below. We also encourage you to join our Facebook page.


Tippmann Sports

The New Phonebook Is Here! errrr I mean THE LATEST ISSUE OF PB2X IS HERE!

            Issue - PaintballX3 January 2013 Live & Free

PaintballX3 January 2013 Issue
The latest, greatest issue of PaintballX3 Magazine is now available for your FREE viewing, reading, posting, commenting, rating and emailing pleasure. This issue features a 2012 PSP & NPPL Recap as well as a 2013 season preview. The January 2013 Issue also has interviews with Shane Colby of Omaha Vicious and Gregory Studley of the VA Chapter of the CPPA, as well as New Products, News, Scoop and more. Check it out HERE.

Tippmann to be Title Sponsor of “North v. South” Scenario Big Game

Tippmann to be Title Sponsor of “North v. South” Scenario Big Game

United Kingdom’s largest scenario event secures global marketing support from paintball leader

Fort Wayne, Ind.Tippmann Sports is proud to announce its support of North v. South – Europe’s biggest paintball festival. This year’s event is scheduled for May 3-5 in Staffordshire, UK. Tippmann is dedicated to helping spread the word and drive participation to the festival and will be assisting in numerous ways leading up to the event, including: running banner ads in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, offering those who register early the opportunity to win one of several Tippmann markers, an email marketing campaign, and feature articles on the new Tippmann blog. In addition, the company will be bringing several unique opportunities to the event itself, including: having the legendary Greg Hastings serve as one of the lead generals, supplying a limited-edition barrel sleeve to a limited number of early registrants, and organizing onsite skill challenges featuring the company’s TiPX pistol, Crossover marker, and Big Boy grenades.

 “Events that partner with Tippmann are often pleased to learn that we can bring a lot to the table and help garner attention like no other paintball brand,” said Brent Cunningham, director of international sales for Tippmann Sports. “We continue to focus on leading the way in promoting paintball around the globe and we’re dedicated to supporting all of the most popular events worldwide like North v. South. With more than 1,500 players anticipated, this one is going to be a whole lot of fun – no doubt about it.”

 Jim Frensham from Warped Paintball, organizers of the festival said “We’re delighted to welcome Tippmann as the headline sponsor for North v. South. The company thrives on bringing players the very best products and we’re proud to feature them at the UK’s flagship weekend.”

 Those interested in more details about North v. South – including ticket information – are encouraged to visit: While online, visitors can look at photos from previous events, view the 2013 Festival Map, and “like” the event on Facebook to secure relevant updates.

 About Tippmann Sports:

As a paintball leader for more than 25 years, Tippmann Sports is dedicated to quality manufacturing as well as advancing paintball technology and design. The company serves the global paintball industry from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as its warehouse near Tournai, Belgium. Tippmann Sports’ complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

Win Stuff From BLUE!


Win FREE entry to any EMR Paintball Park event and a case of DXS Bronze paintballs! GI Sportz PaintballBlues Crew TV, and EMR Paintball Park team up for a great prize giveaway.

Visit EMR Paintball Park for your chance to win!
*LIKE EMR Paintball Park Facebook Page @emrpaintball
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Must complete all 3 to be eligible. Prizes are for use at EMR Paintball Park . Prize drawing will take place on January 14th

Prizes are for use at EMR Paintball Park. Prize drawing will take place on January 14th

Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Fund Update

The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship is pleased to announce ongoing efforts to build the fund continue to meet with resounding successes. Recent big games to include the Tippmann World Challenge at Hell’s Survivors in Pinckney, Michigan and Fall Castle Conquest at EMR Paintball in New Milford, Pennsylvania have seen fundraising activities at both. Fully $350 and $381 respectively were raised at the games which go a long way towards an ongoing continuation of building the fund.

“Once again the EMR Family shows that even in these hard times, they have the heart to give to help others, especially within our sport. They never cease to make me proud.” mentioned Blue Hanse of EMR regarding the fund raising there. Very special thanks to both Dave Massey of Hell’s Survivors and Blue Hanse of EMR and the paintball communities attending the games for their support.

Once again the scholarship not only supports youth and education all in the name of paintball, it will serve as a lasting legacy for the father of paintball Mr. Bob Gurnsey. Both paintball manufacturers and the paintball community itself continue to amaze with generous contributions from across North America. Every little bit helps and as more time passes, it will be the responsibility of the committee and the paintball community at large to insure the fund is both maintained and built to sustain many generations wanting a post secondary education to come.

The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund executive committee is particularly thankful for such companies as Tippmann Sports, Valken Sports,, NPPL, CIA and Planet Eclipse for their ongoing support of this initiative.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can mail a check or money order to

The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Fund

713 General Kershaw Dr.

Old Hickory, TN 37138

All donations are welcome and tax deductible, income tax receipts can be issued upon request, please be sure to make all cheques payable to “The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund”

For more information on the Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund, be sure to visit

JT Splatmaster

ESPN 300

NPPL Las Vegas Practice Day

Where: Las Vegas Premier Paintball Park
When: Thursday Oct 4th
Time: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Price: Free entry with purchase of Valken Paintballs

Premier Paintball is an Official NPPL Feeder Series and great place to play paintball. For
Shuttle Service from strip for $15.00  and to sign up call Premier Paintball. (702)574-2066

ESPN 300

The National Professional Paintball League is committed to hosting the highest quality paintball tournaments at the most affordable price. Our vision is to provide you, the player and team, a professional stage to compete on while giving you the best possible experience. We will focus on quality referees and organization while giving you an incredible vibe to have the time of your paintball life.

  Come join the Pros and experience the Greatest Paintball Show on Earth.
 National Professional Paintball League

Like us on Facebook    View our videos on YouTube   Follow us on Twitter

Opening At The Top – Kee is Hiring

Jason Kriesman, with whom it has been my pleasure to work with for the past several years, is leaving his position at Kee in order to pursue other opportunities.  Best of luck, Jason!

In the meantime, Jason Taitano – with whom it has also been my pleasure to work with for the past several years – will be filling in the void.

And while Jason T is running around like a one-armed paper hanger, Kee is looking for a Marketing Manager –

Empire Paintball is a leading paintball manufacturer and distributor of paintball equipment, apparel and paintballs. We are currently looking for a Marketing Manager to oversee all aspects of the Marketing including: advertising, direct mail, public relations, promotions, and consumer websites and cross promotions Empire, Empire Battle Tested, and JT Paintball.

We are currently recruiting for an experienced Marketing Manager located in the Sewell, NJ facility.  This is a salary, exempt position DOE.


Education and/or Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 2-3 years experience in general solicitation category, with emphasis in online, print, media, and advertising
  • Advanced in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines and manage projects with internal and external customers
  • Strong, positive attitude and work ethic desired.
  • General understanding of paintball industry preferred.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Create, manage and track annual advertising and marketing operating plan budget
  • Create and deliver advertising, marketing collateral, promotions and direct mail copy
  • Develop and write creative briefs and provide creative direction for marketing materials and programs including: advertisements, in-store collateral, tournament and direct mail pieces
  • Edit, write and assign editorial content for consumer websites, print media, product information, online media and catalog listings to ensure consistent tone, voice and message
  • Direct and supervise the development and implementation of editorial calendar, media lists, convention and event calendar
  • Work with organization to determine means and methods for new player acquisitions
  • Maintain media relationships and oversee public relations efforts to garner additional brand awareness and product exposure
  • Research, initiate and generate incremental revenue opportunities through targeted cross promotions and marketing programs
  • Plan, purchase and coordinate all print, advertising, broadcast and web media


Full benefit package after 90 days of service including PPO Medical, Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, PTO and 401k.

Human Resources

KEE Action Sports

570 Mantua Blvd, Sewell NJ  08080

Fax: (856)681-6043


*Qualified candidates will be contacted – no phone calls or Agents please*

*No company paid Relocation*

We are a drug free workplace and an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/D

This ZR-1 is being raffled at Living Legends this weekend in Chicago

Zodiac Paintball & Master Blasters Raffle A Zodiac for Historic Marker Fund

Feast your eyes on this –

This ZR-1 is being raffled at Living Legends this weekend in Chicago

Yep, that’s right! That high-end, custom anodized, one-of-a-kind Renegade ZR-1 Zodiac Paintball Gun is being raffled by Zodiac Paintball and the Master Blasters paintball team at this year’s Living Legends paintball game this weekend.

They’re doing this to benefit Paintball’s Historic Roadside Marker; all raffle proceeds will be donated to the fund that will pruchase the marker and support its installation in June of 2013 at the site of the very first paintball game, in Henniker, NH.

You can thank Zodiac Paintball and the Master Blasters Traveling Road Show team by attending Living Legends, buying a raffle ticket or simply by drooling over this gun and its colors. (Don’t bother sending in drool samples – we’ll have no trouble believing that you are drooling since everyone who sees it does!)

Details of the raffle will be made available at this weekends Living Legends game – which it is not too late to attend.

Everyone at the event> Please give these guys a HUGE thank you for their support of the Historic Marker Project – and thank you to everyone who buys a ticket in advance. Good Luck!


Big Scenario Game Supports Big Children’s Hospital Charity

Real Action Paintball is proud to sponsor once again the “Challenge for Children’s,” a heart-pumping scenario game that benefits the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota! This is the fourth year that “Challenge for Children’s” has brought players together to raise funds for the hospital network…and give players a big scenario game like no other! This year, players will even have a chance to take home a brand new RAP4 marker!

Host Field MN Pro Paintball will welcome players to their 200 acre field on Sunday, May 20th, with the big game kicking off at 9am and running until at least 5pm. For $25 pre-registration, or $40 on the day of the event, players get air fills all day and access to a game with over 400 players! Rental packages will only be $10, so experienced players are encouraged to bring their friends by the dozens for a surprisingly affordable big game experience…that will generate a lot of money for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota!

Real Action Paintball is once again a key sponsor, and looks forward to seeing our players represent the diehard mil-sim community when they arrive with their mag-fed RAP4 and Tacamo markers. This year, we’ve donated five (5) markers to be given away at the event. What’ll you have to do to earn one? First: show up, and you’ll find out what it takes to go home with the hottest new gear in paintball!

We’re proud that in the first three years, this event – with the help of RAP4 players and many hundreds of scenario fans from around the country – has raised over $50,000. This year’s goal: $25,000…in one day, through entrance fees, donations, and sponsorships.

Players can get their employers, favorite restaurants, and home fields to sponsor them with a little money for paint and a nice donation outright to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Want to show the world that we take care of our own? Matt Ames, the founder of this event and the CEO of MN Pro Paintball, has been a patient at Children’s Hospitals for 28 years – he knows the kind of life-saving work they do, and how their doctors help sick kids not only recover…but recover so well that they can go on to make paintball a cornerstone of their lives!

“We are grateful for the community support that has made Challenge for Children’s one of the largest privately run fundraising events for Children’s Hospitals,” said Briana Oakes, the Benefit Events Coordinator at Children’s Foundation. “We would not be able to provide the high quality care to all in need without fundraising help from groups like MN Pro Paintball.”

Be part of the solution the kids at these hospitals need. Be part of the community of paintballers who represent our sport, and themselves, so well in public and the media. Be part of a big game that unfolds across 200 acres, with more than 400 of your best friends and most challenging adversaries.

Most importantly: be there, at MN Pro Paintball in Lakeville, Minnesota, on May 20th…and you’ll have a chance to win one of the five markers RAP4 donated for the event!

For more ination, visit:

For the best gear for this event, visit:

Real Action Paintball – As Real as it Gets!

City Council: Pass This Bill Or The Kids Go To Jail

The city council of Salinas, AL, recently took a hasty vote to legalize the shooting of “projectiles” for recreational and educational purposes when someone realized that the archery lessons being given by the Parks & Recreation Department were illegal.

“…shooting arrows – and other projectiles – is against the law within city limits…”

Government officials encouraging illegal activities on the part of youth?  Noooooo!  Say it ain’t so!

Remedial action was taken and the vote by the city council was unanimous: Picking up a dirt clod and pretending that’s it’s a hand-grenade will no longer get you hauled off to the hoosegow – so long as you’re doing it on city land and under the supervision of the Parks and Recreation Department.  There’s got to be some educational value thrown in there.

Read the details here 

NJ Sheriff Paying Top Dollar For PB Guns reports that the Sheriff of Patterson is hosting a gun buy-back program and has included BB and paintball guns in the mix.

They’re buying back any and every kind of gun – no questions asked.

(Something tells me they’re looking for MilSim guns – not a – finger quotes – paintball gun.)

Need some extra cash?  Check it out here


Maltese Militia: Announce Winner of Prize Package at EMR Castle Conquest

For Immediate Release

The Maltese Militia Paintball Team has given away the first prize package of the 2012 season.

The Maltese Militia made out annual trek down to one of the premier fields on the east coast for a day of “Pure Paintball Insanity” known as Castle Conquest. EMR Paintball was once again a family atmosphere for a great day of Attack and Defend paintball.

We gave away our Custom Prize Package that includes: A Goblin Solo complete with players pack from Goblin Paintball, a Gift Certificate from Stinger Paintball Designs for a set of fully custom grips as well as a Stinger T-Shirt, a Gift Certificate for a Dominator Barrel and Fin set from Hammerhead Paintball, a Blue’s Crew “Party Pack” thanks to Blue and Blue’s Crew, and a Custom Goggle Bag from I 2 I Custom. Thanks to each of these folks who supplied these items to us so we can give them to one lucky winner.

Congratulations to Erich Stiller from Team Zyklon B on winning our first Custom Prize Package of 2012.  Below is a photo of the lucky winner.


Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Winners Announced

Pending a formal press release from the Scholarship organization, 68Caliber received an email detailing the top winner – the Tippmann prize and the five NPPL regional winners.

68Caliber is proud to have been a part of the selection process, congratulates all of the winners, wishes ALL of the applicants the best of luck in their college careers, wishes to thank those who contributed to the program and wishes to thank Jim Lively for his years’ long efforts in conceiving this program and bringing it into being!

The $2,500 Tippmann Sports National Scholarship Award goes toMichael Zuppa, from Ooltewah, Tn.
The NPPL Regional Scholarship Winners are:
Ryan Hopkins, from Ridgeway,VA
Zachary Blunier, from Decatur, AL w
Dayton Bridwell, Montague, CA w
Brandon Smith, Nazareth, PA.
Federico Salinas, Eagle Pass,TX
Ashley Bogart, Erwin,TN
68Caliber will be following up with the Scholarship’s formal announcement and other scholarship related news items over the next several days!To learn more about this annual program, please visit Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarships

Paintball History Blog Begins Publication

The Paintball History Blog published its first posts yesterday.  The site was created to support the fund raising efforts for the Historic Roadside Marker that commemorates paintball’s first  game, held in Henniker, NH on June 27th, 1981.

The site offers opportunities to participate in the fund raiser as well as a place to publish your own personal (corporate, team, individual) paintball history.

Check it out.


Paintball History Website Adds Fan Buttons

The Paintball History website has made a series of downloadable image links available for those who wish to display their support of the Historic Roadside Marker project – the program to have a roadside sign commemorating the first official game of paintball and the founding of the paintball industry displayed at a location adjacent to where the first game was played in 1981.

SUPPORT PAINTBALL’S OTHER MARKER – download an image link for your website or blog today!

To view the images and read all about this bit of paintball history, please visit the Paintball History website.










Contributors to the fund will be emailed their own special button for display on their websites or blogs that looks like this –