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TAKE OFF – A Film Designed to Promote Mil-Sim in France

This walked through the door this afternoon:

“I’m here to present you a french project. This project aims to promote Mil-Sim in France and abroad.”

“Take Off” is a short movie project that will promote the discipline of Mil-Sim across France and perhaps even beyond our borders.”

And then they directed me to this trailer (which looks pretty darned good even if you don’t speak French).

Planet Eclipse: #RedSunday Featuring Omaha Vicious

TV ARTIFACT Season 3, Film 1: #REDSUNDAY Starring: Omaha Vicious Runtime: 77 minutes.

“To Rise Above, you have to question everything you know…about paintball, and about yourself.”

#redsunday is the first film in Season 3 of Artifact, the acclaimed documentary series produced by Planet Eclipse, a worldwide leader in action sports equipment, and producers of the EGO,GEO,ETEK, and ETHA paintball markers.

The film stars Omaha Vicious, one of the 12 professional paintball teams competing on Paintball Sports Promotions RaceTo 7 Pro Series.

Vicious experienced a meteoric rise, dominating the Amateur ranks of the PSP circuit between 2005-2010 before turning pro. During their dominance, the tradition of donning special “Red Jerseys” for Championship Sunday emerged, as the team qualified for Sunday for almost 3 straight seasons.

But their dreams of playing and succeeding at the highest level were violently awoke by the reality of the Race To 7 series.

Planet Eclipse and our ETV camera crew first joining the team in June 2011, at the PSP Chicago Open, at the lowest point in the teams’ history, and as they sit on the brink of implosion.

Will they continue? Will they Rise above? and How?

Veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli and Disconnected Media logged over 200 hours and 27GB of footage capture over 12 months, bringing you unprecedented access and intimacy to Omaha Vicious as they try to prove to the world they belong and the highest level, and more importantly, prove it to themselves, and rekindle their championship tradition of….Red Sunday.

Artifact is presented by Planet Eclipse, in association with Deep Elm Records, and produced by Disconnected Media, and narrated by Matt Marshall, a retired professional paintball player and renowned commentator, and writer.

#RedSunday features the music of (in order of appearance) Ignite, Polar Bear Club, Moonlit Sailor, The Naked & Famous, The Skylife, Brother Ali, Porter Robinson, Samiam, Eyeshine, Looshuss, Ariels, and The Dangerous Summer.

The film is directed by veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli.

T’s Dominate Latest Gab-Fest with T T Thomas Taylor & the Tank

The crew at PBL and the CXBL were out in Kitchener Ontario this past weekend for the final Central CXBL event of the season.
While we were there, we sat down with Thomas Taylor and Frank “The Tank” Connell for their views and thoughts on the PSP and NPPL series this year.
Without further adieu, is pleased to give you the next episode of Gab-Fest! S2 E8.
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Have a great week! :D

Things That Go Together: Mom & Apple Pie: Bert & Ernie: My Balls & Your Face: Tippmann & ROCKS!

Rock and Tippmann are now “going together” more and better than ever before with their new promotional program called (you guessed it):


Buffalo Grove Ill. – As part of Tippmann’s ongoing effort to help grow paintball by tapping into new markets, the company is partnering on a Facebook promotion with Five Finger Death Punch and other popular bands including Killswitch Engage, and Pop Evil, which are currently touring the nation as part of the Metal Hammer presented Trespass America Festival Tour. Weekly winners in the Tippmann Rocks! promotion will receive VIP passes to see 5FDP – the Los Angeles-based heavy metal band with nearly two million Facebook fans – and other Trespass America participants. To drive interest in the new promotion, Tippmann is encouraging paintball dealers and teams to help spread the word. Plus, eligible participants in the U.S. and Canada who post about the promotion on their personal Facebook page will increase their chances to win. Enter today at:
“We’ve seen tremendous initial response to this program because we’re linked into the social channels for these popular bands and we’re reaching millions of new people across the country,” said Ron Goldblatt, director of marketing for Tippmann Sports. “This promotion has been a great way to reach beyond a traditional paintball audience. And, it’s been a lot of fun because Five Finger Death Punch are big fans of paintball and Tippmann.”

To learn more and view complete contest rules and regulations, simply visit Tippmann on Facebook at, or click directly into the contest entry page here:

More details about the Trespass America Festival Tour can be viewed online here:>.

Of course, complete information about Tippmann Sports and the company’s line of paintball markers and related products can always be viewed at

About Tippmann Sports: <
As a paintball leader for more than 25 years, Tippmann Sports is dedicated to quality manufacturing as well as advancing paintball technology and design. The company serves the global paintball industry from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as its warehouse near Tournai, Belgium. Tippmann Sports’ complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

Rockstars vs Raiders! Full CXBL Match Online and BackLine Media is pleased to share another FULL CXBL Elite Xball Match from our Border Battle event held in Ottawa :  Toronto Rockstar  vs.  Cambridge Raiders.
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Commando Paintball in Ottawa was the battleground for the Toronto Rockstar versus Cambridge Raiders CXBL Elite match during the 2012 Border Battle event.   Underdogs Toronto Rockstar kept pace with the veteran Cambridge team, keeping the score tight throughout the match.  With the score tied in the final minutes of the game, a false start from the Rockstar camp gives the Raiders the momentum to push forward and take the game.

We’ll have even more videos shortly with more FULL Xball matches!  Please make sure you subscribe and like BuyPBL!  

Exclusive Video From Canadian Tippmann Challenge

The first Tippmann Challenge Canada event was held at Commando Paintball in Ottawa on June 17th.
We have loaded an exclusive video from the event to the BuyPBL Facebook page – the video was shot entirely using  GoPro Hero2 Cameras
The BuyPBL Facebook page is

Paintball Game Subject of Kickstarter Fundraising Project (Help Jim make This Game and You Won’t Have To Play with Sir MissaLot!)

Kickstarter is a crowd-sourcing website for creative projects that has become quite popular with the literary, maker and app crowd.  Folks post their intended projects, the amount of funding they are looking for and contributor ‘levels’ with rewards (donate $5 and receive a commemorative t-shirt).

Now James Hutchison is offering up a turn-based app game based on paintball tactics and is looking to raise the necessary funds by the middle of July.

Check out the Tactical Paintball project on Kickstarter

New Issue of Paintball X3 is Here

John sent this word along:

The June issue of PaintballX3 Euro is now available live and free, just in time to take you away from your day job. The issue features 20 pages of Millennium Series Bitburg, Germany coverage, a review of the Planet Eclipse Etek4, tournament coverage from Poland, DPL (Germany), Vienna, Austria, and Norway.

Read the issue here:

Paintball History is COOL! NPPL 1995 Teams


Several original NPPL voting member team reps have gotten in touch to inform me that the 1995 records as re-published here are a bit incorrect.

That they are.  For one thing, the list doesn’t account for a few teams that were original founding members of the league, received votes and didn’t have to go through the regular process of obtaining a voting share by virtue of the fact that they attended the founding meeting in 1992.  Among those teams not listed is one of two amateur teams at that original meeting, the S.O.B.s of Wisconsin.

Another thing that list doesn’t take into account are name & ownership changes.  Where it lists the Master Blasters as acquiring their voting membership in 1995, what it is actually referring to is a name change to the New York Blasters from the Master Blasters – a continuation of a membership that the team obtain as a founding member in 1992 (another ‘grandfathered team that received their voting status as a result of attending the founding meeting in 1992 – and of this there is no doubt as there are pictures of the team’s captain – Kevin Donaldson – reproduced here from Paintball News coverage of the meeting – which can be seen here  (as well as the rep for the SOBs – Biff Thiele).

See?  These kinds of things – incorrect information accidentally perpetuated through the ages – are precisely why the sport needs a central gathering place for research and verification of our history – like –


I’ve been moving some of my stuff around lately and I happened across a couple of interesting artifacts, some of which may be of interest to paintballers.

You all might NOT be interested in my Star Trek Con 1975 program book autographed by most of the cast and crew, and probably not interested in my complete, pristine near-mint condition Outer Limits trading cards (and even if you were – NFS!, but you might be interested in the team roster from a 1995 NPPL tournament and/or the list of member, stockholding teams from back then.

See, in 1993 and 1994, after organizing the meeting that led to the creation of the NPPL, I acted as League Representative;  in 1995 everyone got hot and bothered and formalized things with Presidents and etc (in 1996 I was voted in as Secretary), but regardless and through it all until 1997, I handled ALL of the competition record keeping – team rosters, game scores, tournament draws, team rankings, the works.

And I still have ALL of the paperwork (except some that’s probably buried in a Washington DC attorney’s vaults).

Back in those days the whole idea behind the NPPL was to give some control to the teams and to work with promoters to keep the costs of doing an event as low as possible.  The teams obtained cooperation from promoters through the simple, extortionist practice of being able to guarantee the attendance of most of the teams in the country at any given event.  In fact, after a team had purchased their membership (which cost $300 per team, one time), all you had to do to retain your voting status was to attend two of the five events every season.

And what was even cooler (and stupider in my opinion) was that as a voting member you had a chance to officiate an event or two during the season, which automatically earned your team 1st Place ranking points, which were used to determine the overall season champion as well as determined what your draw at an event would be.

Bottom line?  Like any good Union, the NPPL teams put their labor (officiating, helping to set events up, attending) up to match against a promoters dollars.  Hey – it worked for almost a decade with minor adjustments along the way, so you can’t fault the basic ideas.

Anywhere, for all of you nostalgia buffs – as well as for you high school kids who are going to apply for the Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship next year (this WILL be on the test, lol), here’s a list if the Voting Member Teams from the 1995 NPPL season (along with the year the team obtained voting status):

Aftershock     92
All Americans 92
All American II 94
Avalanche 95
Bad Company 92
Black Diamonds TX 93
Blasters 94
Bushwackers 92
Constant Pursuit 92
Express 92
G.B.D. 94
Ironmen 923
Jacksonville Warriors 94
Nemesis 94
O.B.R. 95
Palm Beach Predators 92
Rage 92
Storm (TX) 93
Swarm 92
Team Extreme 94
Terminators (FL 93
Terminators (MN) 95
Thunderstorm 92
Washington Reign 94
Werewolves 94
Wild Geese 92

28 teams – most of whom you’ve probably never heard of before and NONE of whom you would recognize if they showed up at a tournament today!

And here are the attending teams from the 1995 NPPL World Cup in Orlando, arranged by their preliminary round divisional draws: (You did notice that, right? The NPPL World Cup.

Division 1 Ironmen, Landsharks, Texas Legends, Team Xtreme 2
Division 2 All American, Flatliners, Landslide, Vulcans
Division 3 Aftersjhock, Timberwolves, JPPL All Japan, S. FL Vipers 2
Division 4 Bad Company, Devil Dogs, Green machine, S FL Vipers 1
Division 5 Washington Reign, Mercenaries, Far East Dragons, Tropical Lightning
Division 6 Bushwackers, Bad Compant II, East Coast Eliminators, Terminal Velocity
Division 7 PB Predators, Exploding White Mice, Dragon Warriors, Tembler
Division 8 GBD, Zero Boys, Carpe Diem, Street Fighters
Division 9 TX Storm, MCP, Camp Tigers, Team Strange
Division 10 Swarm, PB Predators II, Bodycount, Split Personalities
Division 11 JAX Warriors, Image, Annihilators, Sasquatch Gold
Division 12 Constant Pursuit, Personal Vendetta, Panthers, Team Renegade
Division 13 Navarone, Fusion, Sasquatch, Regulators
Division 14 Bponzai Bandits, Marine Team 1, Arch Angels, Phantom Jesters
Division 15 Sheep, Shock Wave CA, Thunderstorm, PGD Gunrunners
Divisoon 16 Wild Geese, Chargers, Terminators MN, Tampa Bay Outlaws
Division 17 Wolverines, OBR, Raptors, NVP Fox
Division 18 Nam Wrecking Crew, Team Nobodies, Predators MI, MUFs
Division 19 Mayhem Tigers, Desert Heat, Pirates, MIG Factory Team
Division 20 Dutch Boyz, All Am,erican II, Paraplegic Turtles, Mercanaries 2
Division 21 The Enemy, Team Xtreme, Shockforce, Lockout

For extra credit: What pro team scrimmaged against The Enemy?
What player would you expect to see playing for the All Americans but actually demanded to play with All Americans II?
Which two teams might Chip Kuhrt have played for?
Who won the pro division?


Be A RAP4 Star!

RAP4 is proud to celebrate your victories with a bold new contest and an awesome prize. Show the world your best action photo via our Facebook contest page, and while you’re visiting, take a look through the awesome photos posted by other RAP4 players around the world. “Like” us on Facebook, then vote for the pics that grab you…and check back frequently to see how your photos fare. The picture with the most points when we close the contest on April 15th at 11:59pm will win!

The winner will receive an exclusive, clear set of RAP4 Hawkeye Goggles! These goggles cannot be purchased in stores or anywhere online…they can only be earned by winning one of our contests. That way, you’ll be the only person at your field with a pair of these unique goggles. Everywhere you play, people will ask about your gear, and recognize your accomplishment.

But you’ve got to earn it.

So when you hit the field with your T68 or Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kit this weekend, bring along your camera. Capture your opponents throwing their hands up as a RAP4 Landmine detonates at their feet, or the splash of color left on your opponents’ goggles as you take them out with one-shot eliminations. Show us what you’ve got, artistically and tactically, and we’ll reward the best paintball photographer with those clear Hawkeye Goggles!

Here are a few of the rules: Photos must be submitted in JPEG, GIF or PNG format and cannot exceed 8 MB in size. All online entries must be received by 07/15/2012 at 11:59pm PST to be considered. All photos are subject to approval by RAP4 Staff.

Ex Army Ranger Trash Talks Hezbollah Fighters for Paintball Match

Several weeks ago, 68Caliber reported on a paintball challenge match that took place in Lebanon between Hezbollah fighters (you know, lying, cheating basturds designated as Middle Eastern Thug Terrorists by the US & the UN) journalists and a former US Army Ranger – Andrew Exum.

The match-up, that appeared on pretty much lent the lie to Hezbollah’s ‘legendary’ fighting prowess as the journalists and their soldier buddy handily won every game that was played in which the thugs weren’t allowed to cheat.

(Pretty much follows their pattern in the real world, doesn’t it?  Can’t stand toe-to-toe with the Israeli Army?  Fine.  Cheat by dropping rockets on civilians:  Can’t find a legitimate negotiating position for your so-called land of palestine?  Fine.  Cheat with suicide bombers, photoshopped images and sending your teens into the streets to throw rocks so they can get shot in the head for the evening news).

Anyway, NPR has picked up on the story and has interviewed Andrew Exum.  Which you can read about and listen to right here.

Don’t you just love it when the real world lets you justifiably rag on a bunch of juvenile delinquents and show them up for the cowards they a really are?

Where Does Paintball Take Us? Thailand, of Course!

Good Afternoon! is pleased to give you the next instalment of  WHERE PAINTBALL TAKES US - PALS Thailand Edition.

Please find below some info about this episode of our web-series.  If you can spread the word about this video we would appreciate it.

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Watch it here

Islamic Terrorists Cheat When They Play Paintball: Big Surprise

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan of the DailyBeast for this heads up about a paintball game that took place between four western journalists (and a counterterrorist dude) and a team of Hezbollah fighters in Beirut, Lebanon.

Mitchell Prothero reports on vice that the game was designed to help the Hezbollah fighters open up to the journalists so they could learn more intimate details about the kind of people who join and support that organization.

Hezbollah has been declared a terrorist organization by both the US government and the UN and is generally believed to receive arms, money, intelligence and other support from Iran.

Hezbollah, based out of southern Lebanon, fought a 2006 war with Israel; Hezbollah also regularly launches missiles at Israeli civilian targets.

But forget the geopolitical lesson – this article is a hoot as Prothero lays out the first game encounter.  He acknowledges that his team of Westerners expected the terrorists to cheat – and they did.

Read all about it here