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“Get Off My Lawn!” Stops Being Funny When Someone Dies

Late last year we reported on a shooting incident involving paintball players, a real gun and a property owner who claimed to be shooting at coyotes.

He’s apparently given permission to some acquaintances to use his land for a game and then forgot or the players showed up on the wrong day or something.  Regardless, a teen was shot and killed as a result.

The shooter has now been indicted on three felony counts.

You can read the details here

It’s Only March But – Introducing 2012’s Paintball Idiots of the Year

The Willows Journal (Willows, CA) has a report today concerning two high school students who thought it would be just the finest prank to put on cammo, strap paintball guns to their hips, put their paintball rifles at port arms and walk towards their high school’s cafeteria where a dance was taking place.

Both boys are considered to be good students at the school and have not had prior problems.

But.  They’re still idiots.

The local police chief reports that

the paintball guns looked exactly like the “real thing” and had the boys even inadvertently pointed them at the cops, it is possible officers would have fired.

Each of the boys carried one unloaded paintball rifle and an unloaded paintball pistol, although they never brandished the weapons or threatened any of the students that were assembled on campus for the dance, officials said.

This is so stupid I’m having trouble coming up with analogies. Ummmm – this is like showing up at a Black Panther’s wedding dressed as a Klansman; this is like marching into Gestapo headquarters and loudly disparaging der Fuherer’s un-descended testicle; this is like dressing as the policeman Village Person and going to the Stonewall Riots; this is like being a woman dressed as a woman and showing up at a Tailhook party…

It should not take a genius…

Read the details here


Zodiac ZR-1 Counterfeit Product Warning


(See the end of this article for what to do in the event that you already own a ZR-1 or are planning on purchasing one in the immediate future.)

Zodiac Paintball, creators of the ZR1 paintball marker, have recently become aware that there may be several hundred UNAUTHORIZED COPIES of their paintball gun – including proprietary components – entering the paintball market in the United States.

Zodiac Paintball would like consumers to be aware of  the presence of these markers, methods to identify them and its policies regarding them.

In late 2010, Zodiac Paintball contracted with a Taiwan-based manufacturing company – Qi Jiang Technologies LTD/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball, (the company has had numerous name changes) owned by Michael Spurlock,  Wu Chin Min, Tsao Ying-Tse, Yeng Chen Wen  – to perform manufacturing services for producing the ZR1 paintball gun and associated force-feed loader.  That manufacturing agreement included the specifications for the gun and the terms under which Zodiac would pay for the markers, the manufacturer’s responsibility for meeting the required specifications and the methods by which Zodiac and the manufacturer would resolve disputes.

It was additionally agreed that Zodiac Paintball would provide the manufacturer with certain components supplied by third parties to incorporate into the marker.  Those components supplied by third parties included proprietary electronics.

Without getting into laborious detail:  Zodiac subsequently refused to accept delivery of nearly 300 guns due to repeated failures on the manufacturer’s part to correct machining errors.  (A partial list of the contracted specifications and what was actually produced by Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball, is available upon request.)  Zodiac initiated proceedings that invoked non-delivery penalties on Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball and ultimately requested the return of third-party components.

Following numerous delays, it became apparent that Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball was not returning the components and was not going to correct the manufacturing errors, forcing Zodiac Paintball to, among other things, begin filing claims for stolen property as well as other actions designed to protect their design and property.

While this was on-going (through 2011 and into the beginning of 2012), individuals associated with Zodiac Paintball were made aware of an offer from individuals associated with Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball to supply several hundred electronic paintball guns for re-sale.  Based on the proprietary nature of the gun being offered and subsequent investigation, it became apparent that the guns being offered were the same as those Zodiac Paintball had refused to take delivery of.

Finally; Zodiac Paintball has learned that several other individuals in various locations in the United States were also offered these guns for sale and that one or more of those individuals may have made arrangements to accept delivery of them.

The non-working, non-specification copies of the ZR1 paintball gun that Zodiac Paintball refused to accept delivery of from Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball are not the property of Qi Jiang Technologies/NY Industry LTD/Machine Paintball and are not theirs to re-sell.  Not only do they remain the property of Zodiac Paintball, but they contain several patent-pending, proprietary components (critical to proper functioning) that either remain the sole property of Zodiac Paintball or were licensed by Zodiac Paintball for their ZR1 markers and not for use with anyone else’s markers.

Due to all of the foregoing, Zodiac Paintball feels it has a responsibility and an obligation to the paintball industry and paintball consumers to take the following steps:


  1. Zodiac Paintball requests that all current owners of ZR1 paintball markers contact the company to obtain upgraded components.  The upgrades will correct certain manufacturer’s flaws (errors Qi Liang Technologies/NY/Machine Paintball failed to correct during initial manufacturing) and, at the same time, insure that AUTHORIZED ZR1s are easily distinguishable from UNAUTHORIZED copies.
  2. Zodiac Paintball will not be responsible for repairs, replacements, maintenance work or upgrades for UNAUTHORIZED copies of ZR1s.  Any unauthorized copies of the gun received by Zodiac Paintball, its distributors or retail dealers will be confiscated as stolen property.
  3. Representatives of Zodiac Paintball have contacted various league organizations and have requested that they enforce the in-house rules and regulations against the use, sale and distribution of  product that infringes on intellectual property at their own events:  this may very well result in banning the use of and/or the confiscation of UNAUTHORIZED ZR1s.
  4. Because Zodiac Paintball ZR1 paintball markers contain patented and patent-pending technologies, any and all individuals involved in the distribution, sale and use of UNAUTHORIZED ZR1 paintball guns could be subject to legal penalties for patent infringement.

Zodiac Paintball regrets that it finds it necessary to make this announcement.  Fortunately, there is a simple solution:  ONLY purchase a ZR1 paintball marker – the only paintball marker with a wireless connection between the marker and the loader –Zodiac Paintball or its authorized dealers and distributors.

A complete list of those authorized to re-sell ZR1 markers is provided on the Zodiac Paintball website.  If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a paintball gun branded as the ZR1 – contact Zodiac Paintball.




  • Immediately contact Zodiac Paintball to insure that your product is registered properly*
  • Make arrangements to have your marker up-graded with in-spec parts
  • Contact fellow players who have ZR-1s and inform them of the current situation
  • Keep an eye out for counterfeits




  • Contact Zodiac Paintball for a complete list of authorized dealers & re-sellers BEFORE making your purchase
  • ASK your supplier where they obtained the marker (if it is not on the list, contact Zodiac Paintball)


Preferred contact information here:

Zodiac Paintball Inc.

Chris Cole- President


Paintball Asylum Recovers A Good Portion of Over $100,000 in Stolen Property

The Wave website reports that Asylum Paintball of Louisville KY has been informed that a good portion of the property stolen from their paintball facility on February 2nd, has been recovered by local police.

The paintball burglary has been linked to other high-dollar crimes in the region and a suspect is under arrest.

Good luck Asylum!

Read the details here

If You Are Planning On Going Off Your Meds and Engaging in a Standoff With SWAT – Don’t Put Your Plans on Facebook

According to the news site (NY), a 29 year old man with bipolar disorder barricaded himself in a house and held off a SWAT team for three hours before surrendering.

He had several pellet and paintball guns in his possession.

According to one of the SWAT officers, the SWAT team gathered intelligence while containing the situation.  Most of their information was obtained from the suspect’s Facebook page.

So for a taste of 68Caliber’s own version of Bill Maher’s “New Rules”*, try these on for size:

1.  Facebook has now become the perfect vehicle for spreading disinformation

2. If you’re going up against the coppers with paintball guns, at least have the decency to do it from the top of a water tower at a chemical plant, and make sure you shout “Top of the world, Ma!” just as everything explodes all around you.  At least we’ll have some good footage.

You can read the whole story here

New Rules is a book and a regular segment on Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time.


Memorial for Slain Paintball Player

The Patch website of Murrieta (CA) reports that friends and family of Saskia Burke, a high school senior who was stabbed to death in her home, have set up a memorial website for Saskia and her family.

Saskia was a paintball player and worked with her father on the Southwest Regulators team.

Image -


You can read Patch reporting here, visit the Regulators Facebook page here and visit the memorial site – Remember Saskia - here

Paintball Politics

According to MyFox of Houston, TX, one of six candidates for the mayorship of Houston had his house attacked with paintballs over the weekend.

The would-be Mayor – Dr. Kevin Simms (D), was watching football when the attack occurred.

I’d say something about violence having no place in politics, but daily television watching tells me otherwise. By a long shot.

And speaking of football: How about those Giants huh? The Pats should know better; they lost a superbowl to my team and they think they’re going to win at home? If they’d stayed home at least they’d have the out of not having played. But no. Say bu-bye to that home field winning streak.

Anyway. If you’d like to read more about Dr. Simms’ victimization, go here

Gun Store Owner Arrested

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that the owner of a gun store in Winnipeg has been arrested for selling illegal weapons, following the execution of a search warrant.

The report goes on to state that the business address of the gun store is the same as that reported for, an online retailer.

It is not yet clear exactly what the relationship between the two businesses is.

Read the details here

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet Nor Hail of Paintballs Shall Keep….

News Spark from Jessica Sparks:

The NBC Philadelphia website is reporting that three men attacked a Philadelphia mailman with paintball guns this past Saturday, shooting him and his van up before fleeing in a “Red Saturn”

The mailman was shot in the face, arms and back.  The mailman’s injuries have not been reported.  The attackers apparently took nothing and said nothing during the incident – which you can read HERE

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the mailman (ok, mailperson or, in this case, the mailmale) is one of the few people in uniform I regularly and routinely respect.  How can anyone have a beef with one?  Sure they bring you bills, but they also bring you presents, much-needed checks and cool thinks like patent grants.  They work hard, they’ve vowed to keep the mail moving no matter what – and they’ve been doing it for a couple of hundred years, without fail.

I’d like to ‘forever’ stamp those yahoos right on the forehead!

The incident took place on Mannheim Street near Schuyler, around 2 pm on Saturday.  If you know anything about it, you know what to do.

Drive By or Fly By?

This interesting collision of nature and paintball was brought to our attention by Justin Hafford:

The Bangor Daily News (ME) reports that Bar Harbor police were called with a complaint about paintball vandalism at a local hotel.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that cars in the hotel’s parking lot had NOT been attacked by a violent individual shooting a paintball gun.

It was in fact a case of a fly-by shooting, probably the work of avian delinquents.

Justin is quick to point out that the incident may make a good case for avoiding white fill.  On the other hand….

No, we won’t go there.

Read the whole bird-brained incident HERE

Worst Case of Irresponsibility 68Caliber Has Ever Seen

UPDATE: (Read below for the full story) Less than a half hour after we posted this article, the video in question was removed from YouTube.

Someone finally shows some sense. Thanks for removing it. Don’t ever do that again.

The following Youtube video was brought to our attention by a reader.

We were utterly and completely shocked after viewing it several times.

In the video, entitled “Owned by His Dad With an E Blade Autococker”, the video appears to show someone (identified in the title as the ‘Dad’) shooting two under age boys with a very under-aged girl in the firing line.
We’ve watched this video several times now;  initially it appears as if no paint is being shot, but at the very end you can see hits appearing on one of the boys.

The supposed adult shooting the gun is heard laughing.

If this person was actually shooting his children in this manner, it is easily the most irresponsible, immature, stupidest use of paintball gear we have seen in nearly thirty years in the industry.  Perhaps the only thing stupider was posting the evidence of the crime on Youtube.

68Caliber is requesting that anyone who has information regarding the identity of the individuals involved contact us so that we can contact their local police department regarding the child abuse we’re all witnessing.

And even if there aren’t any paintballs coming out of that gun:  What person in their right mind points a GUN at a 3 year old girl?

Do we need this kind of ‘publicity’ for the sport?  Absolutely not.  This guy ought to have his child-rearing license revoked, let alone having all of his toys taken away.

We’re shocked, mortified and very, very, VERY angry at this individual.  We think that anyone who cares about the industry, let alone safety, should write this person and let them know how stupid they are.

Shameful. Utterly and completely shameful.

Rare Breed: A Responsible Paintballer

The Salem News’ (NH) police report from the weekend carries a happy tale:

a woman found the back of her house peppered with paintball hits, called the police and pointed out the home she believed the paint was fired from.

Upon interrogation, a 16 year old resident of that domicile admitted to having shot his paintball gun, but claimed he did not realize he had hit the house. Upon inspection he agreed the hits were his and promised to clean everything up.

Wow! Fills our heart with warm-fuzzies to hear of someone actually taking responsibility for their actions.

Of course, we should also point out that it was pretty irresponsible to shoot a gun without doing so in the proper location. But still….

The original article is here

Gun Trouble North of the Border

The Kelowna Capital News is reporting on a gun at school case that has some interesting aspects to it:

Someone on the grounds of Okanagan College reported a man with a rifle and the Royal Canadian Mounties responded.

It eventually turned out to be a

paintball gun, complete with bipod, scope and adjustable stock, but minus the distinctive paintball hopper.

You can read the rest of the story HERE

What is interesting about this particular case is the implication that the incident might not have been an incident if the gun had been recognizable as a paintball gun.

But what is even more important is this: there is no need to flash your gun around in public. The kitted out marker in question is scheduled to be destroyed. Ask yourselves: is showing off worth the price of gun plus aftermarket accessories (minus the cost of a hopper cause, ya know, ya still got one of those)?

Is That A Paintball Gun In Your Pants…Or Are You Just Unhappy To See The Cops?

Tampa Bay Online has a story about a man who was arrested after trying to steal a paintball gun by stuffing it down his pants.

Don’t need to say much more about that one except for this:  the gun was valued at $129 and pants-man had to post $150 for bail.

No, we will NOT speculate as to the name of the barrel on the gun.

Read the whole thing here

Stupid, Stupid Owner of a Paintball Gun: Now You’ve Gone and Done It

Fox2 Now of St. Louis reports that someone shot up a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King near the Illinois State House and that the State Police are investigating.

Illinois’ Secretary of State – who worked with King during the civil rights era – called the incident “reprehensible”.

68Caliber has no trouble adding: Unconscionable, disgusting and perhaps the most ignorant case of paintball vandalism on record.

Expect some pushback against paintball over this one.

Telephone Poles Are Not Chrono Backstops reports on the confiscation of a paintball gun.

Seems a Mr. Lukas was “calibrating” his gun for an event (today) and he chose to use a city light pole as his target.  (Good excuse Mr. Lukas – I’ll have to remember that one the next time I decide to shoot up public property!)

Mr. L was ratted out by a neighbor who said she saw a man trying to “fire a machine gun” behind her apartment building.

Lady – you need to watch a few more war movies on TV….

Mr. L’s gun was confiscated and he’s being charged.  Guess he didn’t play in that event today….

Read it here

Unique Gun Stolen From Master Blasters

Rob Navas of the Master Blasters had his Bob Long Victory stolen at Ground Assault Paintball in NJ this past weekend.

If you were at the Boston NPPL event when the Blasters took on the All Americans, you’d know why this was such a silly thing to do.

Which means that chances are good that everyone in the tri-state area is looking for a younger player.

Actually, Rob is just looking to get his gun back – no questions asked.

If YOU are the perpetrator, realize that you have made a monumental mistake: the Master Blasters team, players, friends and associates spans the entire country and the entire paintball community. There are tens of thousands of pairs of eyes now looking out for this gun.

Please do the smart, intelligent and RIGHT thing and return it to its owner.

You can do so anonymously by contacting Rob at BIGGUNZ70@AOL.COM


you can contact the editor at 68Caliber to arrange for an anonymous return either by calling 339-227-8807 or emailing No recordings or caller ID will be made or used. Our interest is entirely in getting the gun back into Rob’s hands.