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West Point Combat Classic Video Featured on Hulu

ScenarioPaintballFilms produced a video several years ago at one of West Point’s Combat Classic Games;  the video, going under the title of Basic Painting,  was pretty darned good, garnered a fair amount of attention and was eventually picked up by RAP4 who used it as a premium for their customers.  68Caliber reviewed the video back in 2009, finding it to be stunning and a worthy entry in the (unfortunately non-existent) Academy Awards for Best Paintball Video of All Time.

Well, now they’re going to have to invent an award – or something – because the video has been re-edited, re-formatted and is now viewable on HULU.  This is, as best we can tell, the first time that any paintball video has been featured on the online broadcaster’s website.

And it is well worth the watch (despite the commercials).  The editing is crisp and contributes greatly to creating a relentless, action-filled flow.  The videography is fantastic, appropriately ranging over the full panoply of shots; the musical track well-supports the video and the script, well, the script puts on the best combination of education-via-entertainment I’ve ever seen on tape.  (Then) Master Sergeant Chris “Doobie” DuBois is an excellent host and takes viewers along for an exciting, fact-filled tour of the behind-the-scenes events at a major scenario game (West Point Combat Classic) and is a STAR; other hosts like Eric Engler put on a a great show, capturing the excitement of the moment and passing it right through the camera lens to the viewer.

The game itself is well and informatively presented with live-actions shots of major action, historical background for the scenario (WWII) and various graphical aides such as maps of the terrain illustrating how the various forces are moving across the field and positioning themselves.

This new iteration of the original video is stellar, superb, excellent and top-knotch;  not only is it a great video for paintballers to watch, but its form and formatting – not to mention the high quality of the production values – serve as a template for anyone wanting to know “how to do a paintball video right”

And you sure can’t beat a big FIRST on HULU for getting the word out about the game;  The West Point Combat Classic video should certainly spur interest in playing paintball.  West Point better watch out – their next game is gonna be SWAMPED!

J&J Performance Black Friday Sale Upgrade Your Blunderbuss!

What’s that you’re shooting? A gun with a stock barrel? Ever hear of a blunderbuss?

We think they called it that because when you shot it, you’d be lucky if your shots blundered into a bus!

Get some accuracy AND save 25% with J&J Performance’s Black Friday Internet Sale

This Novemeber 22nd thru the 25th, 25% off on barrels, barrel kits and accessories


jjperformance turkey2

J&J Performance Black Friday Internet Sale: No Presidential Pardons Needed

Thank Goodness! You won’t need a Presidential Pardon to make it through Thanksgiving this year!

J&J Performance has you covered with their Black Friday Internet Sale, coming at you this November 22nd thru 25th!

J&J is offering 25 percent off (25%!) their top notch barrels, barrel kits and accessories.

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Black Friday Sale At J&J Performance: Don’t Get Slaughtered Like A Turkey










Don’t spend that Holiday money on X-Mas!

J&J Performance, paintball’s leading barrel manufacturer, creator of THE EDGE barrel system, is offering up its goodies at 25% off the regular price!

Mark it on your calendars – November 22 thru November 25

Then just click – and you’ll be getting 25 percent more barrel for your buck!

J&J Performance, manufacturers of paintball barrels and accessories, including the EDGE barrel kit.

This ZR-1 is being raffled at Living Legends this weekend in Chicago

Zodiac Paintball & Master Blasters Raffle A Zodiac for Historic Marker Fund

Feast your eyes on this –

This ZR-1 is being raffled at Living Legends this weekend in Chicago

Yep, that’s right! That high-end, custom anodized, one-of-a-kind Renegade ZR-1 Zodiac Paintball Gun is being raffled by Zodiac Paintball and the Master Blasters paintball team at this year’s Living Legends paintball game this weekend.

They’re doing this to benefit Paintball’s Historic Roadside Marker; all raffle proceeds will be donated to the fund that will pruchase the marker and support its installation in June of 2013 at the site of the very first paintball game, in Henniker, NH.

You can thank Zodiac Paintball and the Master Blasters Traveling Road Show team by attending Living Legends, buying a raffle ticket or simply by drooling over this gun and its colors. (Don’t bother sending in drool samples – we’ll have no trouble believing that you are drooling since everyone who sees it does!)

Details of the raffle will be made available at this weekends Living Legends game – which it is not too late to attend.

Everyone at the event> Please give these guys a HUGE thank you for their support of the Historic Marker Project – and thank you to everyone who buys a ticket in advance. Good Luck!


Paintball History Website Goes Live

The website supporting both the installation of the Historic Roadside Marker for paintball’s first game and the newly formed Paintball Historical Society (created to support the sign and the preservation and promotion of paintball’s history) is now live.

There’s not much there yet, but it is a web destination and a place to recognize those people who have already committed to supporting the installation of the sign.  Please bookmark the site and check back as it is expanded and updated.

Companies and individuals that contribute to the sign’s installation will be featured prominently on the front page – if you wish to make a donation (any amount will help), please email this site’s editor at – or visit the PayPal Donations page when it is live.

To visit the site, go to


Zodiac Offering 1 of a Kind Marker to Benefit West Point

At the upcoming 25th anniversary West Point Classic game, the folks at Zodiac Paintball (members of the Master Blasters Team who have a long and venerable history of supporting this game and the West Point paintball program) are offering a raffle, proceeds of which will go to benefit the West Point club.

The raffle winner will indeed receive something unique a one-of-a-kind, break-the-mold, never-to-be-seen-again digital cammo version of their famous Zodiac marker, complete with commemorative logos for the West Point Mil-Sim team and the Combat Classic Event.

Want a chance to win?  You’ll have to attend the West Point Combat Classic!


G.I. Sportz Done Deal

December 8, 2011 – G.I. Sportz has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Procaps, a leader in paintball manufacturing. The acquisition will combine two of the industries leading manufacturers of paintballs and paintball
products. The DXS/Draxxus line of paintballs, along with the VForce Vision Systems, will be immediately integrated into the G.I. Sportz network.
Richmond Italia, President and CEO of G.I. Sportz, commented, “By re-acquiring Procaps, we have taken the first step towards returning the paintball industry back into the hands of paintball players. We have always loved the game, and it’s great to have the opportunity to bring DXS/Draxxus back home.”

“We are excited to move forward and expect a seamless integration of the two companies. Our customer service representatives will be contacting all customers within the next few days. We invite all current Procaps Direct
customers to contact us as well”, said Dave “Opie” Thomas, Vice President of U.S. Sales.
Procaps was founded in 1996 and quickly grew to be the largest, most successful, privately owned paintball manufacturer in the world. In 2005, it was sold to an investment fund. In 2011, the company will come full circle, back to it’s original founder, Richmond Italia.
Customers can contact G.I. Sportz by email, or can call the customer service line, (630)752.0238 with any inquiries.

Phone: (630)752.0238

Congressional Medal of Honor

Yesterday I caught some coverage of the formal ceremony awarding SFC Leroy Petry his Congressional Medal of Honor.

This Army Ranger performed selfless, sacrificial and heroic acts, overseas (Afghanistan), fighting in an unpopular war (but fortunately during a time when we’ve learned to separate the politics from the honors bestowed upon our service men and women for doing what their country asks them to do), at which time he was gravely injured (losing a hand).

The least our country can do is honor him.

What impressed me was the fact that SFC Petry has re-enlisted and returned to Afghanistan (for what I believe is his eight tour).

What impressed me even more were some of the words he said during his award ceremony.

He urged us all to just give our service men and women a thank you.  He said that thanks is the greatest reward any soldier can receive.

Thank you, SFC Petry.

Thank you, men and women of the US Military.  Thank you.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about the Congressional Medal of Honor, there is an excellent site devoted to the subject HERE.  (Be be forewarned;  you will be reading nearly 4,000 stories of absolutely uncommon, unbelievable heroism and self-sacrifice; stories that will make the hairs on the back of your neck rise up and ones that no war movie could ever match.  You may read something familiar – until you remind yourself that every word you see is about real people.  And then you will wonder.)

You can also learn a little bit more about the medals and ribbons that you may see on some chests (dress uniforms mostly) HERE; it doesn’t matter where someone serves, but it may help you strike up a conversation while saying ‘thank you’.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to keep the above in mind when you’re out there playing a game.  I listened to an interview with a Libyan Freedom Fighter this morning, a young man of 22 years of age who had been a computer sciences student before joining the fight to liberate his country from 40 years of dictatorial rule.  When asked what he did for fun before joining the fight, he mentioned playing video games – military first-person shooters to be exact.

The interviewer asked him if he could describe the difference between the game and the war.  His answer?

“In war, friends die.”

Week in Review

A lot has happened in paintball during the past week while the 68Caliber staff was on vacation for the July 4th Holiday.

We’ll be posting all of the news we received during the past week as individual articles.  However, we also thought it would be a good idea to provide you all with a quick summary by way of catch-up, which you can see right here.

EDITORIAL NOTE:  We know that we’re having some bugs with our weekly newsletter – not all of the articles are coming through (folks are getting weekly news updates with one or two articles instead of the several dozen they should be seeing).  We’re working on it and hope to have this fixed sometime this week, although the fixes may not take effect until next week’s mailing, so please be patient.  And thanks for your support!.

UPDATES:  Paintball Happenings, July 1 through July 8

DXS and Greg Hastings wants you to know that you can win a free copy of the Playstation version of GHP2.  To enter – go HERE

You can also win an appearance by Greg at paintball field, courtesy of the Paintball Festival’s Early Bird business conference.  PAINTBALL FESTIVAL

The NPPL has a lot going on:

Register your team on July 11th and you could win a 3 night hotel stay

Speaking of hotels, they’ve partnered with the Riviera for excellent rates

The DC field layout is up

and, if you don’t know by now, registration for the DC event opens on Monday, July 11th!!

All of the above – more information HERE

Valken is now a sponsor of the upcoming Paintball Festival.  PAINTBALL FESTIVAL (68caliber will be there!)

Empire and JT are featuring a Pro Player Q&A series over on their Facebook pages.  Got a question for some of the game’s top players?  Now is your chance to ask.  (You might want to come up with something more original than ‘boxers or briefs’.)  To interrogate, er, question the Empire Pros – HERE and the JT Pros HERE

ProCaps has partnered with the West Coast Paintball Series.

Jerry Braun, fresh off of the Woodsball World Cup, has announced the Hard Core Paintball League.  If you aren’t hard core – don’t bother. HCPL

Rap4 has announced the schedule for the release of their Tacamo magazine conversion kits.  RAP4

The Maine Deal has announced a new player special taking place at the Lost Valley ski resort – two players can play for the price of one! Lost Valley

AG Paintball Does Anniversary Weekend Proud

Adventure Games Paintball of Weare, NH, a long operating field which happens to enjoy the benefit of being the commercial paintball field closest to the location of paintball’s first-ever game (June 27th, 1981, Henniker, NH) held an anniversary/birthday bash this past Sunday and did themselves, the game and the industry proud!

68Caliber took a trip over for the Sunday Festivities and we were very impressed with the bash laid on.

At this point, our coverage of the event divides into two parts.  The first with all the pictures covers the 30th Anniversary celebration.  The second uses AG’s special event as a near-perfect example of how to do customer service at a paintball field RIGHT.

Highlights of the anniversary bash were three enormous HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY PAINTBALL sheet cakes – two vanilla and one chocolate.

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got cake in my tummy


Special games were being organized all day long and entry fee was waived for players going pump – like this fine couple:

They're sporting an SL68-II and an NSG Splatmaster in honor of the day

the field even laid in some custom jerseys by Raza Life just for the occasion:

The parking lots were packed and, although I didn’t run into anyone in particular, Alex, AG’s head honcho, informed me that “everyone I knew was there”.

The atmosphere was festive, lots of smiling faces and some fast games all went together to make a great day of paintball marking the thirtieth year of our favorite sport.

Now a bit about customer service.  AG Paintball is a field that caters largely to new players, groups for parties and a large and regular corps of regulars – speedball, pump and woodsball all.

In operation since 1986 (or thereabouts) it is the perfect example of an old school paintball field operating on old school principals, all of which are evident from the moment you visit their website or walk into the pro shop.

You don’t survive as a paintball field for well over two decades without getting two things right: promotion (to get customers in the door) and customer service to keep the coming back.

Here’s what I mean.  The field has opened an expanded parking facility across the street from the field. Three staff members were assigned to do nothing all day but park cars and monitor traffic.  I over shot the entrance and in turning around in the main parking lot to head back for the new lot, the referee stationed there (this guy who looks like he’s sitting on air) –

Thanked me!  He actually thanked me for cooperating.  The other parking refs were equally professional and courteous.  (No wandering around wondering where I was supposed to go, not getting blocked in by discourteous players).

I then noticed that there was another referee assigned to the chronograph:

making sure all of the guns were within limits and providing instruction and advice to rental players.

Then I hit the staging area (which is well supplied with tents, tables, chairs, convenient to the fields and – policed by more staff members:

I visit AG on a fairly regular basis (it’s the official testing and review field for 68Caliber) but I was a bit surprised to see one of their latest additions – this bank of keyboards and screens for player waivers and sign in:

Clear instructions, easy to use system, a staff and time saver – it’s beautiful.  No lines, customers can work at their own pace and anyone needing special attention is instructed how to get it first.

It’s these little things that make all of the difference.  Good job, AG!


Late reports coming in via Facebook have informed us that the Master Blasters, the longest continuously operating paintball team in America (and former World Champions to boot) have won the first event of their come-back tour.

The team did this in typical ‘Blasters style – taking not only first place but 2nd and 3rd as well.

Can World Domination be far behind?

In the interest of full disclosure: your editor is a member of the team.
Even more full disclosure: your editor has a big ****-eating grin on his face right now.

The Master Blasters are sponsored by 68Caliber, 68Caliber’s store – 68Caliberspecial, (where of course they buy all of their gear), Paintball Sports New York, Zodiac Paintball, Nelson Paintball and Valken and supported by many others, including Ground Assault Paintball. You can visit them on their Facebook page. Why don’t you stop in and say hello?

Paintball’s Challenge Match of the Century in the Offing

Paintball’s challenge match of the century has just been declared over on PBNation!

The Master Blasters have challenged Blues Crew to a 50 on 50, no holds barred, best of five match for the coveted title of


(Catch up with the story on PBNation here)

Preliminary reports are that Mike ‘Blue’ Hanse, titular head of the eponymous team has picked up the glove – but we’re still awaiting confirmation.

Seconds are reportedly already discussing the rules of engagement, location and time of the event.

We have learned one thing for sure: dueling pistols at fifty paces will not be involved!

68 Caliber has so far been unable to reach Vince McMahon 68Caliber for comment on a rumored broadcast deal.


Remember the “Golden Age” of paintball, when tournaments were played in the woods?

When stealth and power were necessary to win?

When legendary teams like Navarone, The Ironmen, The Master Blasters, The Terminators, the Lords of Discipline, and the All Americans dominated?

When industry leaders and legendary players like Dave Youngblood, Robert “Rosie” Rose, Renick Miller, Bob Long, Billy and Adam Gardner were playing?

Twenty years ago the top players from all across the World stepped onto the playing fields in Plattekill, New York, one hour North of New York City, and played the first World Cup – IN THE WOODS!

Last year, on the 20th anniversary of that first World Cup, teams did it again.

Under the same rules and using the same equipment  (mechanical pumps and semis only), with at least eight judges on each field, enforcing the rules for the benefit of all the players.

It was successful on many levels.

So much so, that the World Woodsball League has been formed.

The League is prepared to sanction five woodsball events across the United States.

Field owners who are interested in participating, should contact Kevin Donaldson at or Steve Davidson at
The Woodsball World Cup is now an integral part of the World Woodsball League, and will take place this year on those same first World Cup Fields.

The dates are September 16, 17 and 18.

Teams interested should log onto the website: for further
information, league rules and entry forms.

68Caliber Opens 68CaliberSpecial Store!

PBC Productions, Inc, owner of 68Caliber, Who’s Who in Paintball, The Paintball Patch Registry Program and associated with the Historic Marker Program and the editor’s book A Parent’s Guide To Paintball is very happy to announce that it is debuting the  online store 68CALIBERSPECIAL today.

Right now, in fact. Just click HERE or click on SHOP in the top menu!

We’re offering some of the finest products available for paintball today, at some of the best prices and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

We’ll be doing some reviews and product coverage for gear that’s in the store and you don’t need to worry about missing out on any of the great news and information about paintball that we publish on 68Caliber – there’s a newsfeed built right into the site!

Check it out and help support paintball’s #1 News and Information resource –!