Field Layouts: Fun and Profitable or Boring and Uninspired?

The average paintball field generally has the same kinds of fields. There are a finite amount of suitable bunker types which are practical, affordable, and which just make sense. The more novelty involved, the more difficult it is to keep a field in suitable condition. A field full of wooden shacks and houses looks cool but even treated wood will show its age after years of weathering and the accelerated effects of being covered in paint fill. Despite this apparent constraint on field creation, there are still plenty of exciting…

The Social Media Effect on First Person Perspective Paintball Videos

Unfortunately, we’re at the point where video game themed theatrics somehow carry over into paintball. It’s inevitable that walk on games are going to be filled with rentals and kids. There is never going to be a way around that. That having been said, people straight up go for these kinds of situations for their videos and then proudly publish their content to the internet, as if to say with open arms: Here I am world, I’m a huge jerk. Comment on my amazing exploits!