Make 68 Great Again

The new management would like to thank the old management for this opportunity and for being a real swell Manager. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the original management for creating this site which we will now make great again. Some will say, but the site wasn’t all that great to begin with… we agree, but it seems to be a popular catch phrase so we are stealing it. In all honesty, we feel the original management was about as much fun as getting shot at point…

Maybe we should erect a roadside marker?

Someone is salty.  We here at would love to put up a marker but we’re not sure of the original location…  yet!  Stay tuned for lots of blog posts as we send our minions out to find this mythical place.  According to the sign, someone knows where it is.  Off to find him/her/them!  Stay tuned kiddies!~