Submitting Advertisements

Ad copy may be submitted electronically or via mail. 68Caliber prefers electronic transmission for its ease and speed.

Physical copies of ad graphics and copy should be mailed to:

PBC Productions Inc
Attn: Advertising
PO Box 1068
Hillsboro, NH 03244

68Caliber is not responsible for materials lost in transit.

Electronic materials should be emailed (FTP transfer is available upon request).

Do NOT place artwork or copy in the body of an email; please send these items as attachments only. If large files are involved, please use multiple emails and mark each email in the subject line accordingly, such as: BigBalls Paintball Ads 1…BigBalls Paintball Ads 2…; please reference the total number of emails you are sending in the subject line of either the first or last email (‘we’re sending 4 emails’)

Email artwork and copy to

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