The Corporate promotional program involves both advertising on 68Caliber, The National Pump League websites, ad placement in additional components (newsletter, videos, etc) and a league sponsorship program.

This program is divided into three tiers – the traditional Gold, Silver and Bronze (with a reserved upper ‘Platinum’ level for negotiated relationships) with the level of exposure and placements reflecting the sponsor’s commitment to the program.

The benefits to participating corporations are:

Discounted Ad Rates
Headline Banner Ad on front pages
Banner Ad on other pages of websites
Box Ad in Sponsors Area (upper right of screen) – position based on level (gold, silver, bronze)
Listing and logo ad with link in the NPL weekly newsletter by sponsorship level
Profile of the company article
Listing – logo and link on Sponsors & Advertisers page
Featured product reviews
Forum devoted to the company
Still ads appended to all videos produced on site
Title screen ads on videos produced of NPL games
Banners and other promotional materials distributed to all NPL events


Commitment to 1 Year Advertising and Sponsorship program with the following ad rates –
Gold – $350/month (regularly $475)
Silver – $250/month (regularly $330)
Bronze – $150/month (regularly $200)
Prize product contribution
Banners for event display
Flyers/Catalogs/Literature for event distribution
Artwork (logos, product shots) color and b&w versions
Product for review (returnable if required)
Company contact for regular promotional information

Prize package contribution is relative to sponsorship program (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and will be arranged on an individual basis with each participating sponsor
Banners may be supplied by sponsor or may be produced by NPL for an ‘at cost’ fee
Flyers/Catalogs/Promotional Literature PDF and/or other suitable electronic document versions are preferable as this aids in wider/easier/faster distribution. NPL would like to make such packages available on the local level on a monthly basis (each event during a month will have a package of sponsor literature to distribute)
Product for review. Product may be given away, added to a prize package or returned to sponsor at sponsor’s request. Review product is not mandatory. However, regularly providing product for review increases a sponsor’s presence on the websites and enhances the value of their advertising and promotional package

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