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68Caliber is primarily a daily news site covering the sport and industry of paintball.  In fact, 68Caliber is often updated multiple times per day.

We publish original content in the form of product reviews, event reports, editorials and commentary and subjects that affect the industry and its participants, press releases provided by companies within the industry, aggregation of mainstream news articles related to paintball and any other legitimate content that has some relationship to the sport.

68Caliber also serves as a gateway to paintball for those who don’t (yet) play but may be interested.

Our news and articles are categorized in standard fashion under subject headings such as ‘sports’ (with sub-heads like ‘tournament leagues’, ‘scenario games’), ‘crime’, ‘industry news’, ‘editorial’, and etc.


Featured (breaking & hot topics – appears in the image window on the front page)
Industry – company announcements, new products, law
Crime – bad stuff involving paintballers and/or our gear
Sports – coverage of tournaments, leagues, scenarios, charity games
Entertainment – articles, reviews, interviews, videos
Events – where and when, who and what
Web – new and interesting paintball web sites
Op-Ed – editorials, commentary, opinion

You can access stories within a particular category by selecting the category on the right of the page under NEWS BY TOPIC. (Since many stories touch on more than one subject, the same story may appear under multiple headings.)

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can also view the archives by date, or enter a search term into the search window.

What Else Is On The Site?

General news, company press releases, featured articles and commentary appear right on the front page.

Additional content is available by visiting various pages which can be viewed by selecting a menu item. Information on these pages includes:

Forum Watch: RSS feeds from some of paintball’s most popular forums. Stay up to date on the latest discussions at a glance, jump in to participate by clicking on a headline!

Blog Watch: RSS feeds from some of paintball’s most popular and engaging blogs. Get a quick summary here, find the subjects that interest you and then click on over to the blog itself.

Paintball History: Background on the game; links to good resources and 68Caliber’s efforts to get an historic roadside marker erected at the site of the first paintball game.

Paintball on the Web:  A searchable index (organized by categories) of paintball resources on the web.  Search for a particular company or a type of product or service.  Suggest new pages to add.

PB Info: Here you will find – informative and explanatory articles about the game that will help you get started (So You Want To Play Paintball?), A look at mainstream media coverage of the game (How Others See Paintball), information for parents of paintballers (Parents)

Events: an annual listing, arranged as a calendar, of paintball events of all types from across the country and around the world.  Check here to find a paintball event in your area.

HoofHearted Gallery: an image gallery provided by Don Sutherland of Hoofhearted Productions

Featured Authors: Tables of contents linking to all of the articles by particular writers;  follow your favorites here.

Paintball Patches: 68Caliber is the official home of the Paintball Patch Registry Program. Hundreds of images of team, company, event and other patches, updated regularly.

Paintball Teams: Information about and links to teams supported by 68Caliber

Submit: Information about how to submit news, stories, images and videos to the site

Advertise: Information about advertising on the site

You can find these by rolling your mouse over the menu at the top of the page.

We are constantly adding to these materials, so check back often!

Spend a little time investigating, chances are you’ll find something of interest.

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