How To Use The Site

There are a number of different ways to access the materials on the site.

You can click within the image area of the Featured Story to read that article, or scroll/click on any of the headlines on the front page.

You can roll your mouse over any of the menu items at the top of the page (below the 68Caliber logo); if there are additional options associated with a menu listing, a drop down menu will appear if you ‘hover’ your mouse over the entry. Clicking on any of these will take you to a dedicated page.

You can click on a video display to run the video.

You can click on any item in the side bar. Some of these items may take you off the site (opening a new window).

If you click on a company logo while reading an article, you will open a new window containing that company’s website.

You can search by news category; there is a drop down menu of the available categories in the side bar under the heading NEWS BY TOPIC

You can view the archives (which includes every article that has been posted to the site) by scrolling almost to the bottom of the page and selecting a date.

You can enter a search term in the search window (near the bottom of the page).

If you prefer a language other than English, you can select it (search for an appropriate country flag) in the translation option in the side bar.

Clicking on the FOLLOW ME tab will let you hook up with 68Caliber through various social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and you can click on the RSS feed to get regular updates via syndication.

Not all of the various side bar items, links or advertising are visible on every page. If you saw something before and can’t find it now, try using the back button – or entering something into the search window.

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