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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Can you make the links in the articles automatically open in a new window instead of taking me away from your site and all it’s wonderful advertisers? ;)
    (I know I can right click, but that is a whole 1/2 calorie!)

  2. I read your article on enacting paintball legislation, and I misread what you were saying within the article. I’d like thank you for clarifying what legislation was introduced in your response to the messages I posted. As a reader, I got a bit riled up, but after you set me straight on the topic, I understand what we in the paintball community have got to do. We need to be proactive, and pass positive legislation, that protects paintball. In my previous comment, I stated I felt insulted by the comments in your article, well I don’t after hearing back from you. Thanks for clarifying this for me, and thanks for setting a fellow paintballer straight.

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