The COOLEST Barrels On Earth

JJ_full_logo_hollow_wordsWe’re hearing rumors that a new barrel is about to hit the market, and coming from one of paintball’s legacy manufacturers – J&J Performance.

Word has leaked out (well, it hasn’t actually leaked until after YOU read this) that J&J Performance will be cryogenically treating a new line of as-yet un-named barrels.

A little research has turned up a few facts:

the barrels will be treated in -300 degree liquid nitrogen (one of our favorite gasses!) for 24 hours or longer.

this “cyrogenic” treatment (it’s the same methodology that was used to freeze Walt Disney’s head for future generations) apparently strengthens the material and, for gun barrels (and paintball barrels) not only leads to longer life and less wear-and-tear, but also to greater accuracy.

Several manufacturers using this technology for firearm barrels report that 10 to 12 inch shot groups of untreated barrels were reduced to 1″ groupings following treatment.

Holy Frozen Ropes of Paint, Batman!  That’s like, a 90% increase in accuracy!

Your mileage may vary but – Holy …. !

Rumor also has it that J&J’s new barrels will be available for all makes of gun and there just might be some giveaways in our future.

Mr. Freeze thinks it’s a good idea!Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Mr.-Freeze-Batman-and-Robin

No, we don’t have pictures of the barrels themselves yet (silly goose – what’s a picture of an aluminum tube going to do for you?) but we do have these to share:

Geez!  Why do they have to talk so much!?  Just show us the cool stuff already! (Maybe I should point out that this first video involves gelatin and nitrogen, two of our favorite things in paintball!)

For more fun with liquid nitrogen, visit the TechBlog.  For more fun with paintball, visit J&J Performance.

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