Experience the JT Splatmaster Experience!

WHAT: The JT SplatMaster Experience will appear at the Boy Scouts of America Patriot Games located at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The JT SplatMaster Experience gives kids (and adults!) an opportunity to test out the JT SplatMaster z100 Pistol and z200 shotgun. Event attendees will try it first-hand in the JT SplatMaster Mega Arena, a 100’ x 50’ inflatable shooting enclosure featuring various target shooting activities and a quick draw competition. To make sure participants learn from the best, Pro Players will be onsite to distribute trading cards and educate participants about safety and game play.

The Patriot Games is a council-wide encampment held at Fort Knox. The event expects over 8,000 Scouts, leaders, and visitors from all over the country, to enjoy a weekend of camping, activities, displays, challenge courses, archery, and much more!

WHO: Nicky Cuba, Professional Paintball Player with Team Infamous


WHEN:    October 13, 2012

WHERE:  Brandenburg Gate, Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

VIDEO: To see the JT SplatMaster Experience in action, check out this video:




Engineered specifically for younger players, JT SplatMaster can be easily cocked, loaded and fired. With a fully integrated spring loaded pump action, JT SplatMaster propels color-filled Ammo at speeds between 110 and 140 feet per second, about half the speed of traditional paintball with no batteries or CO2 required. The reduced speed minimizes potential welts and bruises while maintaining the fast-paced adrenaline and Splat that characterize the sport. To Get in the Game, visit JTSplatMaster.com and facebook.com/JTSplatMaster.

JT SplatMaster is a brand of Kee Action Sports, LLC. Kee Action Sports, LLC is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of paintball sporting goods.

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