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NPPL Las Vegas Schedules are Released

The NPPL is excited to announce game schedules for all three fields.
Please read the schedule CAREFULLY, Note that D1 Race and D4 Race plays on both field one and field 2. Also note that D4 7 man plays on field 2 and field 3 on Friday. The League will provide a map for assigned team tents in the captains packs.
Click here for schedules.

The National Professional Paintball League is committed to hosting the highest quality paintball tournaments at the most affordable price. Our vision is to provide you, the player and team, a professional stage to compete on while giving you the best possible experience. We will focus on quality referees and organization while giving you an incredible vibe to have the time of your paintball life.

Come join the Pros and experience the Greatest Paintball Show on Earth.

National Professional Paintball League

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