Joshua Silverman Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Paintball News

16-year paintball journalism veteran to lead the Paintball News return to print!

Swedesboro, NJ – August 27, 2012 – Paintball News, one of the oldest names in paintball journalism, information and event coverage, will make its redesigned return to print in the coming months and Valken, the magazine’s publishers, are pleased to announce that Joshua D. Silverman has been brought aboard as Editor-In-Chief. Silverman brings years of professional journalism experience, both in and outside the world of paintball, to the magazine along with a special connection to the history of Paintball News.

“This is truly a joyful homecoming for me,” stated Paintball News Editor-In-Chief Joshua D. Silverman, “as I covered my very first major paintball event wearing the Paintball News logo and a great deal of my earliest work was published in the pages of Paintball News. To join the Paintball News organization for its return to the newsstand is a great opportunity and we will endeavor to use our pages for the betterment of the game, sport and industry of paintball!”

With two decades of paintball playing experience and over a decade of full-time work in the paintball industry to his credit, Joshua D. Silverman has spent more than half his life involved in the game of paintball. Starting his paintball journalism career in the pages of PCRI, Paintball News and Action Pursuit Games, Silverman spent four years as the Assistant Editor of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine and another four as the Associate Editor of Paintball Games International Magazine reviewing equipment, covering events and reporting on the world of paintball. Silverman has also been published, with words and pictures, in the pages of Paintball Sports Magazine, Facefull Magazine, Splat Magazine, What Paintball Gear? Magazine and PaintballX3 Magazine, as well as on websites including and the Catshack Reports. Outside the paintball world, Silverman has edited HuntX3 Magazine and reviewed firearms for HuntX3, and

Greg Muller, Operations Manager for Valken Sports, said “We know talent when we see it, and we’re excited to bring someone with Josh’s experience and abilities aboard to head Paintball News as it returns and puts paintball publishing back on real paper.”

For more information on Paintball News and its return to paintball, contact Debbie Postorivo at

(856) 812-2808

Paintball News
1 Hawk Ct
Swedesboro, NJ 08085

Ed note:  I’ve known Joshua for a long time and think he will do a bang-up job for Valken and the new version of Paintball News.  After all, he has confessed that my own articles inspired him to his paintball journalism career – and if that isn’t damning with faint praise, I don’t know what is.

Seriously – good luck Josh – and have fun!

One thought on “Joshua Silverman Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Paintball News

  1. I was wondering what Valken would do with the title when I read about the purchase. Now I KNOW it will be awesome! Josh is a great guy and excellent writer and I can’t wait to see what he does with this title!

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