The Winning Hand for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Chris ‘Doobie’ Dubois & Daniel ‘Barney’ Alamo Play The Winning Hand for Nat. Breast Cancer Foundation at Casino Royale Scenario

by Chris ‘Doobie’ Dubois


The Winning Hand for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

July 6th and 7th found many Tri-state area paintballers slinging the familiar gelatin spheres at each other at the Hornet’s Nest in Ancramdale, NY. Not too different than any other weekend except that this game was to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It was also the first production from the all-girls paintball organization known as Chicks with Guns with a little help from their brothers in arms, The Rubber Duckies. The theme of the game was the Daniel Craig 007 movie “Casino Royale”. The MI6 team was led by yours truly, Chris “Doobie” DuBois, in the role of James Bond and the purple one himself, Daniel “Barney” Alamo as Felix Lieter from the CIA as my XO. The leaders of the mysterious Quantum were none other than the master minds behind the Black Market scenarios at Paintball Sports Incorporated (PSI) in Plattekill, NY. Frank “Col Ernie” Coppola was Quantum’s elusive leader and Chris “Jerry is calling again!” Masi as Mr. White brought their devious minds to the game in full force.

Great prizes were in store for the players both for raffle and for give-a-ways. Tippmann Sports came in big with a Tippmann Phenom AND a TiPX pistol. Pinokio donated one of each color pod that they make for a total of 7. Eric Engler of Engler Customs donated two signed copies of WWII and D-Day veteran jack McNiece’s book “The Filthy Thirteen: From the dustbowl to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest”. Stiffi donated a cocker threaded tactical barrel for the cause. CCM came in with three $50.00 gift certificates. OCD PB donated three gift certificates in $75, $50, and $25 increments. Save Phace donated some Save Phace bucks. PSI paintball field donated two entries to future games. Bomber Paintball donated some gear and Valken threw in with a V-Max loader, and Barrel. JT Paintball added to the cause with a JT Flex mask. Barney got into the act with a Pod Stein and the Cadets from the West Point Paintball Team donated some 25th Anniversary T-shirts and entries into the Fall Combat Classic. There was also monetary support from Albany Scenario Club and the Hornet’s Nest themselves. There was more, but the donations came in so fast that Carla Dillon of Chicks with Guns had a hard time keeping up with it all! What a fantastic job by all donors!

Game play started Saturday morning after the refs had seeded the field with pink pods. These pods each contained a single playing card and needed to be turned in to each team’s commander. These cards could then be used to create the best poker hand possible. At the end of the day’s play, both generals would come together for a showdown and the best hand would win 1000 points. This made for some interesting moments on the field as each pod was generally placed in the open and became the object of a number of mini-battles throughout the day.

The first mission block as described by Adam “Misfit” Fowler, game director and Captain of the Rubber Duckies was, “MI6 has learned the one of the high ranking officials of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Stephen Obanno is preparing to move a large sum of U.S dollars ($101,206,000 to be exact) from Mbale , Uganda. MI6 is dispatching a unit to the region to investigate and attempt to intercept the shipment of cash with newly appointed “007” status James Bond to lead the mission. MI6 does not know that the organization known as “Quantum” has dispatched their liaison “Mr. White” to meet with Stephen Obanno and make introductions with “Li Chiffre” the Banker for Quantum. Li Chiffre has promised to provide a reasonable rate of return with access to funds anywhere in the globe. Now in possession of the funds, Quantum must provide protection as the funds are moved from the area. 

There will be three containers of cash being moved by Quantum during this mission. Each container must be moved by two players at a time. One player cannot move it alone. If one player is shot out the other player must drop the case and wait for another player to help them. If both players are shot out the case is dropped until another two players pick it up. Hits will not affect the cases but, the cases may not be used intentionally as cover from paintballs. (Referee’s discretion will be used) Points will be awarded for a case returned to base by a team. 500 points per case. Mission Block will be 2 hours long or once all the cases are captured.”

Bomber Paintball Joins Daniel 'Barney' Alamo (in purple if you didn't know) and Chris 'Doobie' Dubois in the rather fetching bow tie.

To make things more interesting, ten Quantum players started in B-town, located midfield, with the cases. The rest of the quantum team started at the castle. This would seem like a fairly quick mission of running halfway across the field to the quantum base. That would be the case if it weren’t for the ten MI6 agents located between them and their base! So the main body of Quantum had to bust through the ten MI6 agents and get their Quantum boys with the cases while the MI6 team had to fight for the cases and hope their ten agents could slow down the main body of Quantum! I decided to put my XO, Barney, in charge of the ten MI6 agents. His task was to prevent the ten Quantum agents from connecting with their team long enough for me and the main body of MI6 to catch up with them and capture the cases. Two or three of the ten MI6 agents, consisting of 518 Ninja Bobby Briggs and Mr. Matty Law of Trash Talk Paintball, had the task of just slowing down the main body of Quantum. The horn blew and it was on! The plan evidently worked like a charm as all three cases fell into our hands inside of twenty minutes of the two hour mission block! In order to give the players more time to shoot each other up and give Quantum and Mr. White a chance to “win their money back”, I agreed to a re-drop of the cases at the ½ hour mark, but this time they would be worth double the points! The cases were dropped into the maze at mid-field and then whistled in as live props. At the end of the mission block, MI6 was able to re-capture two of the three cases for a big leap ahead in points! On the other hand, we only grabbed a few of the pink pods on the field.

After a much needed rest, mission block two was briefed, “Quantum has placed several bombs at Miami International Airport. There is a large bomb set to explode the Skyfleet S570, the world’s largest passenger airliner on the world. Quantum has also set several smaller explosives around the airport to make the destruction of the Skyfleet S570 seem like a terrorist attack and not a planned destruction to send Skyfleet’s stock plummeting. In his pursuit of a text message “ELLIPSIS” Bond has figured out what Quantum is planning and has arrived at Miami International Airport with MI6 agents to diffuse the bombs. The main bomb aboard the Skyfleet is not in play, but if the smaller bombs are diffused the larger bomb will also be diffused. 

The bombs will have a two hour countdown that begins at the start of the mission. In order for MI6 agents to diffuse the bombs they must control the area of the bomb uninterrupted (a player must be within 6 feet of the bomb) for 5 minutes. The mission will end once all the bombs are diffused or the two hour timer has expired. Points will be awarded to MI6 per diffused bomb, and points to Quantum for each bomb that detonates. Neither team will be told the locations of the bombs before the game starts as they were placed by third party contractors for Quantum.”

Where's the Tux?

This whole mission block took place in the city field of B-town as a light rain began to fall. Thankfully, B-town in located in the woods and the rain wasn’t hard enough to put a damper on game play. What did put a damper in MY gameplay was the quarter that was placed in my loader by, Chris “I was channeling RT” Masi, aka, Mr. White! Well played, Mr. White…well played. Nefarious off field antics aside, MI6 was able to defuse all but one of the bombs! I have to hand it to Frank Coppola though. The Quantum commander had one of the moves of the game during this period. Late in the block I was picking up paint off the ground to fire selected shots at the Quantum team, but was mainly doing command and control. I told some guys in a building adjacent to me to keep a bead on a pink pod that was sitting in the open at about their one or two o’clock position. They acknowledged and I continued to send players to where they were needed on the field and try to find another bomb to defuse. I looked over toward that pod in the open and I see a player walking casually over to it. No gun. Not a care in the world…and a fedora on his head. It’s Frank, the Quantum commander! I yell out to the players in the building to shoot him as I drop another few balls in my loader to do the same. Frank nonchalantly picks up the pod…and then bolts away like his tail is on fire! I fling a few balls in his direction but he gets away with it! Crafty!

Another break and Block three is set to begin. This was going to be a classic flag grab for territory game for an hour with a LOT of the pink pods on the field. The flags would be worth points every 15 minutes and I knew that MI6 needed to hold three of them for at least a half an hour to put us in a commanding position before the showdown for the Pod Poker game. I charged the MI6 players with putting their heads down and running as far across the field as possible in order to capture as many flags as they could and then hold out. The slower players behind them would worry about changing the flags to our color. But, this wouldn’t be a James Bond themed game if that is all that was going on! The Game Director, Adam “Misfit’ Fowler, let me know that Quantum had a traitor in their midst that would meet me or one of my agents at the Radar dish on Quantum’s side of the field. There, he would hand over a new type of bomb that Quantum planned to use. I knew that Quantum had to have a similar mission, so I kept my eyes peeled for traitorous activity. One of the Hornet’s Nest’s own, Josh Sirlin, was playing for me and I knew he was intimately familiar with the field. My best chance at completing that side mission was with him, so it was his to attempt. In the end, we were successful in grabbing and holding the flags we needed, but unsuccessful at the traitor meet up. Quantum, specifically their wily leader Frank, did manage to complete their side mission. Frank successfully broke into the thick bush on our left side, gathered his breath (probably took about 20 minutes!) and then crawled past the MI6 agents on that side of the field to meet up with the traitor. Somehow, he got back to his side of the field to score the points! The score was getting tighter; it could now come down to the game that was being played all day long…Pod Poker!

Not being a great Poker player I went to my Ace in the hole to help assemble my hand…Barney! It turns out my MI6 guys did a much better job at gather pods during the second and third blocks than the first. Barney pointed out we had a Royal flush full of diamonds. We then looked at our other cards and realized we had all of the 10’s of the other suits except spades, but we had a face card there, thus preventing Quantum from matching or beating our hand. We had them! After taking a few minutes to dress the part of 007 before the showdown, we all came together in character to show our cards. It could not have been scripted better with our winning hand being shown last. Awesome end to an awesome day of paintball!

Probably the coolest part of this game was the friendly atmosphere. We all had friends on both sides of the field and it showed during game play. It was genuinely one of the most fun games I have had in recent memory.

That evening was the Texas Hold’em Poker game with a $5 buy in going to charity. The winner scored points for his team and MI6 took 1st and 3rd, securing the overall win!

The real winners, besides those that walked away with one of the wonderful prizes mentioned earlier, were the National Breast Cancer Foundation. With just under 50 players in attendance we raised $1,970! That is just shy of $40 per player! What an awesome day for an outstanding cause! On behalf of Barney and myself, I want to thank all who came out to the game and all of the MI6 players who kept at it hard all day! You guys followed instructions like champs and your aggressiveness gave us the win. The Quantum players brought it hard all day and didn’t make any of our missions easy by any stretch. It was great playing against such worthy opponents like the New Jersey Titans and the War Hounds! Personally, my Multi-cam Zodiac ZR-1 shot fantastically all day! Hornet’s Nest, Chicks with Guns, and the Rubber Duckies did a bang up job as always and the Duck’s reffing is outstanding! The large amount of money donated to the cause would not have been possible without the generous donations made available to the event by the great companies and individuals listed above! Make sure you visit their websites and Facebook pages and tell them how much you appreciate their support! If you live in the Tri-state area and you have yet to hit up a game at Hornet’s Nest, it is worth the out of the way location for some great paintball!

Winner Chris Flores

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