No Bad Puns Needed: Stiffi Offers Up the New C6 Barrel Kit

New Stiffi C6 barrel kit combines affordable versatility with lightweight accuracy and silence!

Redding, California – May 30, 2012 – Following on the heels of the success of Stiffi’s most recent carbon fiber barrel, the C6 Delta, Stiffi is thrilled to announce that the light weight, accuracy, silence and affordability of the C6 Delta barrel now come packaged with another important feature: versatility! Stiffi has heard the requests of their valued customers and is now proud to release their first new barrel kit in nearly a decade, the C6 Kit!

Bundling three lightweight, quiet, accurate and attractive Stiffi C6 Delta barrels in a customer’s choice of bore sizes from .679 all the way to .695 to provide the utmost versatility in any weather condition with any brand of paintballs, the C6 Kit is attractively protected by a Stiffi barrel bag at a price of only $160 MSRP! Buying three Stiffi C6 Delta barrels individually would cost a customer over two hundred dollars, but the C6 Kit offers all that performance for much, much less! Now, all the great traits that have made the C6 Delta barrel a best-seller for Stiffi are available as the C6 Kit. No more fronts and backs to mix and match, no more tiny bore sizers to lose, just the accuracy, reliability, simplicity and excellence the paintball world has come to expect from Stiffi!

Manufactured by Volund Composites, a company where employees have built parts for the International Space Station, Stiffi Barrels are made to the same specifications required by the Department of Defense and are unequaled in their engineering. The results are obvious on the paintball field!  Not only are Stiffi barrels lighter and quieter, but the secret MicroJeweled process makes Stiffi barrels more efficient and accurate than any other barrel. From the $69 C6 Delta barrel to the original Stiffi and versatile C6 Kit, Stiffi offers barrels in more bore sizes, lengths, styles and colors than any other brand!

Stiffi proudly sponsors and supports individuals including Frank Connell, Jim Lively, Jason “Foolybear” Lineberger and Waverly Muller, along with teams including New England Avalanche, the Rockin’ Cocks and Force Ten.


Phone: (530) 222-1910

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