If You Are Lucky Enough To Be Going To NPPL HB – READ THIS NOW!

In order to make player registration and your overall play experience better please consider the following:

Air fills please note that all tanks will require Hydro DOT inspection. Tanks will be inspected at the main air station located behind Center Court. There will be three areas where players can fill tanks. You must have an inspection tag on your tank before being allowed to fill your tank. Air stations will be located on Center Court and Field 2.

All Players are required to have ID Cards and wristbands. Players can pick up ID Cards and wristbands at Registration. If you have not registered for your ID card online prior to last week the fee is $60.00.

ROF Fi Chips are required for every player. A NPPL ROF fi chip will be given to every rostered player. You will be required to the bring paintball marker to registration with your grip opened for installation. Please refer to video for easy explanation on installation. Replacement or spare chips can be purchased for $60.00.

Please watch video regarding chip:


Remember the NPPL has a strict field only Paintball policy and only Paintballs approved by the league or sold by an approved NPPL paintball sponsor will be allowed at the event. Teams that are caught shooting illegal paintballs will be disqualified from the event with no refund.

It is important to attend the captains meeting as we have many new rules to go over and procedures. We also want to introduce all the captains to our new Commissioner Tony Mineo. Tony is committed to making your tournament experience the best it can be and needs to be at the meeting to go over important details.

Mandatory Captains meeting for PUMP, D4 7man and D4 Race to will be held at 5pm Wednesday in the VIP.

Mandatory Captains meeting sponsored by Sapporo for D1, D2, D3 7man and race to will be held at Hotel Huntington Beach at 7 pm located at:

Captains Meeting

Hotel Huntington Beach

7667 Center Avenue

Huntington Beach Ca. 92647

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