Susan G. Komen Foundation, 68Caliber & Planned Parenthood

For several years now, 68Caliber has supported the Susan G. Komen ‘Drive for the Cure’ charity for breast cancer by helping to promote events that fund raise for the charity.  This has included numerous types of events, paintball among them.

Recently, the foundation has removed all funding from Planned Parenthood – funding that provided free breast cancer screenings for those women unable to afford them on their own.

68Caliber  views this move by the Susan B. Komen Foundation as a purely political one, a move that not only hurts those least able to defend themselves, but the very purpose of the Foundation itself.

Until such time as the Foundation reverses this policy, 68Caliber will not support its efforts.

4 thoughts on “Susan G. Komen Foundation, 68Caliber & Planned Parenthood

  1. Laurie,

    normally we require working email addresses here to post comments. I’ve let yours through this one time, but will not do so again unless you use a working email.

    No update is required: we’ve read the press release from SBKRFTC and it is QUITE clear that it was worded in a manner that will allow the organization to manipulate their future charitable selections on political (read – anti-abortion/anti-contraception/anti-woman’s rights/anti-intelligent human being) grounds.

    This is not over: SBK foundation tried to gloss over the uproar and make it go away with a PR that SOUNDED like they were giving in. This, in the long run, spells doom for the Foundation as the moment that their actions contradict this so-called ‘apology’, there will be no way for them to weasel out from under it. So thanks for the suggestion, but we look at things a little deeper than your obvious knee-jerk reaction and find no reason to alter our original position.

  2. You need to update your stories faster: they caved in to the uneducated mass’s cries. They will be giving grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer education and screenings. But having raised in a matter of days five times the $600,000 that it stood to lose in grant funds, Planned Parenthood isn’t going to need Komen’s money anytime soon.

  3. Awesome. Nice to see a media outlet that doesn’t bow down the the political correctness that dominates everything else. There are plenty of other great charities that can benefit from the support that the paintball community can give.

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